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Focus on the Patient With VNA

VNA to the Rescue – Via Cloud Solutions Is radiology too image-centric and not enough patient-centric? Can one exist without the other? These are questions diagnostic imaging specialists and IT personnel are asking themselves today as they consider improvements in medical imaging. Also finding a place in the conversation is vendor neutral archiving (VNA) technology.…
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Under Pressure: How Hospitals React to Vendor Neutral Archiving and DICOM

Vendor Neutral Archiving Enhances Medical Image Management It seems the challenges facing the healthcare industry are constantly changing. One issue that has been at the top of the list in recent years is partly impacted by technological improvements related to electronic medical records. Another, partially related issue, is in regard to medical imaging, which has…
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Integrated, Accessible Hospital Data Could Save $30 Billion per Year

Hospital Data Solutions That Exceed Expectations are in the Cloud The rise of healthcare costs have been noted for decades. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that from 1980 through 2008, the average annual increase in healthcare costs averaged nine percent. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the number dropped to…
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RSNA Says Quality of Care is New Focus: PACS Radiology Can be a Driver

PACS Radiology Answers the Call While radiology has always been patient-centered, there is a call today for providers to extend an even more patient-centered ethic into their day-to-day processes. Will the focus on this change the way PACS radiology operates? A recent RSNA session brought attention to patient-centered care objectives, leading one medical professional to…
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Innovation and Cloud PACS, What to Know Now

How Cloud PACS is Changing the Landscape The field of medical imaging is always evolving, and more and more providers are looking to cloud PACS to keep up with innovations being brought on by the medical imaging industry. Between three and five percent of the population can’t complete an MRI exam due to anxiety. Whether…
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What’s the Lifecycle of Centralized Image Storage in the Cloud?

Managing the massive amounts of information associated with providing healthcare is a constant battle, especially as the amount of data associated with imaging seems to compound every year. Centralized image storage is becoming a popular topic as healthcare providers look into more efficient processes. The information associated with medical imaging needs to flow seamlessly, but…
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Newton Medical Center Launches Vendor Neutral Archiving through OffSite Image Management: Challenges with PACS and Mammography Storage Resolved; Workflow Improved

 OffSite Image Management Partners With Newton Medical Center to Solve “Aging” PACS Problems With 3D Mammography Vendor Neutral Archiving Solutions Highlighted in Community Hospital Case Study March 1, 2016 (St. Joseph, MO):  Newton Medical Center, Newton, KS, like many community hospitals, faces problems managing diagnostic images within an aging PACS system. This includes difficulty with…
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Sunflower Health Network, Inc., Implements OffSite’s Virtual CD for Patients’ Diagnostic Images

Sunflower Health Network, Inc., is implementing OffSite Image Management’s Virtual CD for patients’ diagnostic images. Product will boost efficiency in patient care across rural Kansas service area Some of the biggest challenges in healthcare are related to finding ways to manage, store and exchange ever-growing data. Managing and sharing radiology data has proven to be…
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Secure Your Future With Disaster Recovery Protocol

The Best Disaster Recovery in Offsite Form A great number of events can put your data in jeopardy. These events, unpredictable in nature, can compromise your PACS server and all your stored data. From floods to fires, earthquakes to tornados – natural disasters are only one part of the equation. There is also human error…
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Electronic Health Record Adoption is Challenging Rural Hospitals

The healthcare needs of residents living in rural areas are no different than the residents of densely populated cities throughout the U.S. However, there is a gap in the level of service available to these rural residents. Electronic health record (EHR) requirements are not unlike the healthcare needs of the rural residents in that these…
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