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Diagnostic Errors are Very Expensive: Cloud PACS Can Streamline Diagnosis

Cloud PACS are Answering the Call for Better Diagnoses It’s an unfortunate circumstance when a misdiagnosis works against the health of a patient. Avoidable illnesses are often treated incorrectly in the U.S. because of diagnostic errors, and it can result in death. The benefit of going with a cloud PACS solutions is that fewer misdiagnoses…
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Medical Diagnostic Imaging by Remote: The Surprising Opinions of Radiologists

Medical Diagnostic Imaging Through Cloud Services Could Boost Performance A recent report published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology says that while virtual consultations (VC) are a hit as far as patient care is concerned, radiologists aren’t as satisfied with them. Medical diagnostic imaging has increasingly gone digital, and the report says…
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Rochester Medical Center Ditches Traditional CD Image Problems (What You Can Learn)

How CD Technology is Taking a Back Seat to Offsite Solutions The healthcare community might have been slow, and perhaps appropriately, to taking to the cloud for imaging solutions, but the migration to offsite solutions has certainly begun. A great example of why this is happening is evident in the University of Rochester Medical Center’s…
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Find Efficiencies in Cloud PACS

The Benefits of Cloud PACS It wasn’t long ago that when it came to shopping around for a PACS solution, your options were limited to fairly expensive to really expensive solutions – and nothing in between. Fortunately, cloud technology is expanding, giving cloud PACS the ability to offer a new and efficient way of meeting…
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Most Patients Want Access to Their Medical Images

A new survey finds that patients are eager to use web portals to download and share medical images and radiology reports with their physicians — a tool that could be valuable not just to patients, but for radiologists as well. Web portals, or patient portals, are also tools the government is pushing providers to adopt.…
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Deconstructing PACS: Why it’s Still the Buzzword for Ending Data Silos

The Key Behind Deconstructing PACS Today many healthcare organizations are moving away from departmental PACS in an effort to provide more access to images as well as patient data. Electronic medical record access is the catalyst for some of this change, but so too is the patient expectations and accessibility issues clinicians face. Can deconstructing…
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Special report: Planning for the unlikely

In the last year or so, it seems the nation’s hospitals were besieged by a variety of high-profile disasters, including Hurricanes Irene and Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombing. These events get at the primary challenge of emergency preparedness: trying to anticipate and prepare for the unknown. For more information follow this link to the DOTmed article. Originally…
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What Happens When Hospital Data Gets Hacked?

Most healthcare facilities expend a great amount of resources toward compliance to safeguard patient information, which when compromised can lead to information getting in the wrong hands and hefty fines being handed down. Many compliance issues are violated when employees take laptops or thumb drives off campus and lose them or have them stolen and…
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Three Ways Tools Like Vendor Neutral Archiving are Changing Workflows at Hospitals … Large and Small

Vendor Neutral Archiving Leading the Way to Better Image Management The amount of data being generated by the healthcare community is not decreasing. In fact, there is a need to find larger, more reliable spaces to store healthcare data, including medical images, which can be quite massive. Vendor neutral archiving is giving providers a more…
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OffSite Image Management Delivers Solutions That Improve Diagnostic Image Workflow and Storage Limitations at Greenwood County Hospital

In an effort to stay on pace with diagnostic imaging technology that maximizes patient care, Greenwood County Hospital of Eureka, Kan., recently decided to replace its picture archiving and communication system (PACS). The radiology team turned to Midwestern-based OffSite Image Management and gained immediate workflow advantages, interoperability and data security.  “We essentially put Greenwood County…
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