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Deconstructing PACS: Why it’s Still the Buzzword for Ending Data Silos

The Key Behind Deconstructing PACS Today many healthcare organizations are moving away from departmental PACS in an effort to provide more access to images as well as patient data. Electronic medical record access is the catalyst for some of this change, but so too is the patient expectations and accessibility issues clinicians face. Can deconstructing…
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Does DICOM for Diagnostic Images Create New Challenges?

How to Get Around DICOM Issues If you’re unable to share medical imaging unfettered today, you’re not meeting the expectations of your patients. In fact, the ability to quickly and efficiently share medical images across departments and across facilities is one of the key components of responsible healthcare. The DICOM format is the standard for…
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How Better Rural Hospital Data Can Mean Better Physician Engagement

There is a direct correlation between data and engagement when it comes to medical providers and how effectively they are able to do their jobs. Unfortunately, engagement levels aren’t always the priority at most healthcare organizations. A recent survey by Physician Wellness Services proves this point. According to the study, physicians want to be engaged,…
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Find Efficiencies in Cloud PACS

The Benefits of Cloud PACS It wasn’t long ago that when it came to shopping around for a PACS solution, your options were limited to fairly expensive to really expensive solutions – and nothing in between. Fortunately, cloud technology is expanding, giving cloud PACS the ability to offer a new and efficient way of meeting…
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PACS and VNA: How do Hospitals Choose to Upgrade?

Going Offsite With PACS Needs Vendor neutral archiving (VNA) has taken a dramatic upswing in the last decade, shifting the focus on a proprietary-based PACS system to open architecture technology that sidesteps the issues that plague providers when it comes to upgrading their method of accessing, sharing and archiving images. PACS vendors are making shifts…
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Best PACS System: Explaining the Benefits to Patients

The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) most hospitals are working with today have outlived their original duties and are being pushed beyond their limits. Fortunately, this medical imaging technology that offers cost-effective storage is getting an overhaul by vendors who truly know what it means to offer storage, viewing and sharing solutions that cater…
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Cloud PACS: Happier Patients, Happier Doctors?

Gaining Efficiencies With Cloud PACS The field of radiology is constantly evolving. For example, CD burning technology helped to phase out the old method of sharing images, which was primarily through film studies that were mailed from one facility to another or carried from one department to another. Cloud PACS and vendor neutral archiving (VNA)…
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How the Best PACS System Grows With the Hospital

Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) were developed to provide better access to medical imaging with fewer hassles than what is experienced with film or CDs. Unfortunately, obsolescence is something that just about any medical facility’s IT department faces when working with an old PACS. Any PACS solution that doesn’t have adequate disaster recovery protection…
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Cloud Backup Services Can be the Answer to Hospital Data “Finger-Pointing”

Cloud Backup Services Can Help Protect You From Data Breaches The finger pointing is as ceaseless as the increasingly damaging attacks from hackers, yet healthcare providers are finding cloud backup services to be a quality preventative resource to keep data protected but also available at all times. Data breaches are seemingly a fact of life these…
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Healthcare Enterprise Struggle: Where Will All the Data Go?

There is a lot of talk about “big data,” and for good reason; when you can drill down into your data, you can often find solutions. But the massive amounts of data organizations are creating is beginning to pile up. This is just as true in healthcare as it is in any industry. A healthcare…
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