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Rural Hospitals and IT Challenges: Causes and Solutions

Rural hospitals and IT problems:  it’s not a new problem. In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) addressed a strategy for enhancements to the way care is delivered across the health information exchange, with particular implications for rural hospitals. National adoption and implementation of electronic health records is the central focus of ARRA,…
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Hospital Data Loss Affects the Majority of Hospitals

According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, healthcare facilities have struggled to keep patient data secure. Almost 95 percent of healthcare organizations said they have leaked data within the last two years. Most of these leaks are due to staff negligence, but some of the issues are tied up in the technology used to store…
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Radiology Information System Cuts Back on Costly Image Problems in the E.R

Health information exchange (HIE) has offered some healthcare providers an opportunity to experience growing pains, but a recent study found that HIEs are responsible for reducing the amount of redundancy in emergency rooms. The University of Michigan’s Mathematica Policy put its researchers to work finding out what the impact of HIEs has had on emergency…
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Enterprise Imaging Deconstructed: No Surprise for Medical Imaging Solutions

Medical Imaging Solutions That Strike a Perfect Balance Remember when everyone was so skeptical about the cloud? It really wasn’t that long ago, but now fewer than 20 percent of healthcare organizations are operating without a cloud-based solution. However, as value-based care proves more and more to be a permanent trend, healthcare organizations looking for…
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DICOM Exchange and Image Quality: The Basics

Where would the healthcare community be in this digital age without the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard? As the top choice for exchanging medical imaging and related information, the DICOM exchange has provided countless healthcare professionals with the images and data they need to assist millions of patients. Radiologists were first introduced…
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HL7 Interface: Increase Control, Save Time and Save Money in Your Hospital or Clinic

Improve Communication With an HL7 Interface Engine It’s not uncommon for healthcare facilities to use software from a variety of vendors. It’s also not uncommon for these software applications to experience difficulty when they try to exchange data. Today a solution for moving data between applications effectively has emerged with HL7. HL7 is the international…
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Your Vendor Neutral Viewer Should Give You Total Availability (No Excuses)

A Vendor Neutral Viewer Helps You Achieve a More Mobile Workforce Downtime. It’s a discouraging word for more than just IT professionals in the healthcare industry. However, with the digital age comes high-tech problems that result in data being unavailable, even if it’s for a brief time. Medical images, now almost exclusively digital, are also…
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Three Key Benefits of a Vendor Neutral Archive: Preparedness, Flexibility, Nimbleness

A Vendor Neutral Archive Solution Can Prepare You for the Future It’s not enough to just store your medical data, including images, in a safe environment anymore. It must now be stored digitally in an expandable and accessible format so that clinicians can gain access to them on the go. It is also no longer…
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How VNA Powers up IT Healthcare Management at Critical Access Hospitals

For those living in densely populated areas, you might be surprised to learn that there are more than 2,000 rural hospitals serving roughly one-fifth of America’s population living in remote areas. They are called critical access hospitals, and while they might not have the resources of the larger hospitals in urban centers, they provide a…
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Specific Ways HIPAA Impacts Radiology Information Systems

Staying on top of HIPAA regulations is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Healthcare facilities got a new rule handed down earlier this year. Radiologists were affected by this new rule as there are an impactful number of changes involved. The newest rule has earned a title – “mega rule” because of the sheer…
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