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Driving Factors for Cloud PACS

It was just a few short years ago that healthcare providers pondered the cloud as an appropriate place for their PACS to reside. It was still a valid question back then as many within the medical industry worried about HIPAA violations running rampant with sensitive information floating around in the cloud. Those fears have been…
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More Providers Becoming Connected With Offsite DICOM Solutions

OffSite Image Management DICOM Solutions Chosen for Pilot Program Providers today are faced with many challenges in sharing and archiving medical images. Fortunately, leaders in the field are coming together to establish a solution. Spearheading the effort today is the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN), which recently announced that 10 members were selected to participate…
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Vendor Neutral Archiving Saves Hospitals Serious Money

Most healthcare providers are influenced to move toward vendor neutral archiving (VNA) strategies due to the more efficient process that such a method can provide. However, administrators are also attracted to cost savings. For instance, a hospital located in Philadelphia achieved a cost savings of nearly $3 million in the five years since it adopted…
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Offsite Racing to Improve Vendor Neutral Archiving Services

March is a big month for racecar fans as the Trans Am Road Racing Series gets underway. Since its inception in 1966, the series has thrilled spectators at speedways as American V8 sedans such as the Mustang, Camaro, Cougar, Challenger and Firebird zoom around the track. Fortunately, OffSite Image Management, Inc., will again sponsor a…
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How Better Rural Hospital Data Can Mean Better Physician Engagement

There is a direct correlation between data and engagement when it comes to medical providers and how effectively they are able to do their jobs. Unfortunately, engagement levels aren’t always the priority at most healthcare organizations. A recent survey by Physician Wellness Services proves this point. According to the study, physicians want to be engaged,…
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Best Health Information Exchange is Huge Step Up From Paper Records

Medical practices moving away from paper records can find the process time consuming, but the results outstanding. The process may not be without its challenges, but moving to the best health information exchange brings a great many efficiencies. Offices that have gone through the process know that every staff member has to be completely on…
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Centering on Patients With a Zero Footprint Viewer

How a Zero Footprint Viewer Can Increase Efficiency It seems that as every year goes by, remote viewing systems become more advanced. The traditional method of using a software-based viewing system is beginning to take a back seat to browser-based viewing systems, which are referred to as zero footprint viewer systems. There is a good…
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Why do You Need a Cloud PACS?

Cloud PACS: What to Know Medical images are becoming increasingly more common in the healthcare industry. Technology has given providers more ways to look into the human body, which is good for the health of the patient, but causes some challenges for healthcare IT. As files get larger and more numerous, cloud PACS are increasingly…
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Make a Business Continuity Plan Today … Before Your Hospital Has To

How to Attack Your Business Continuity Plan Every now and then we get reminders of why we should always hope for the best but plan for the worst. This is at the essence of what a business continuity plan is, especially for the healthcare industry where disruptions in business through outside forces can compromise a…
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Size Does Matter: How Rural Hospitals Benefit From Cloud PACS

More than ever, healthcare facilities, including rural hospitals, are utilizing the strengths of cloud PACS to deliver better healthcare services. Nearly every provider has made the leap to electronic health records systems or is in the process of doing so because it’s federally mandated. For hospitals that kept storage vaults for their medical imaging, those…
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