Health Image Exchange 360

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Welcome to your 360-degree diagnostic image solution: Now all your image sharing and storage solutions are available from one team and one name – completely scalable, vendor neutral, simple and effective. Our cloud-based tools are truly built around interoperability, flexibility and DICOM standards.

OffSite Image Management, Inc. utilizes HIE360 as our exchange platform, which includes both our Distributor and Virtual CD (VRCD) cloud management platforms.

Offsite Image Honeycomb logo 13 FlatFlexibility is important at OffSite, which is why we are offering our HIE360 data exchange solution as a stand-alone exchange platform, as well as giving clients the option to have it integrated with other PACS or cloud image management solutions.

We know our clients and prospective clients are looking for a way to reduce challenges associated with CD (Image) management and the process that requires a massive amount of IT resources. OffSite offers that with HIE360, which is as simple as a download, install, configure and exchange.

With HIE360, a direct exchange of data with other participants occurs at the department level completely bypassing IT gatekeepers. This allows data to quickly get into the hands of people who need it, which improves the level of patient care our clients are able to achieve.

Both the Distributor and the Virtual CD were built to accommodate the ever growing needs of critical care hospitals and rural communities to exchange data with other surrounding medical centers. Our solution allows the user 100% control of the data, flexibility  and interoperability with other systems, and most importantly it is easy to use.

Patients today are working with a number of healthcare providers to get the best care possible, which means communication between providers, even if they are separated by state lines, is why OffSite’s HIE360 is so vital today. HIE360 is not limited to a specific number of DICOM nodes, which allows users unlimited incoming and outgoing connections. Furthermore, HIE360 can exchange data with other HIE360 participants or any other existing DICOM or HL7 exchange. You read that correctly – HIE360 is able to move DICOM data and HL7 data.  Contact us today to learn more.

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