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It’s time to stop using Outdated Platforms


And give total exam accountability back to the hospitals

Why is it a 360-Degree Solution?

TeleRad360 is the premier cloud-based teleradiology solution, offering Integrated RIS, Imaging Worklist Management, Voice Recognition, Report Distribution, Cloud Diagnostic Viewing and complete mobility.


Our TeleRAD360 Solution is powered by Our CloudPACS Architecture desigend to make everything quicker, smoother and easier.


Utilizing our HL7 interface engine we can deliver reports directly to your EHR Vendor as soon as the report has been signed.


Our TeleRAD360 Solution is front loaded with a fully featured RIS powered by our partners – Integrated Modular Systems inc.

How Does TeleRad360 Work?

Essentially, TeleRad360 is a solution with no hardware or software needed. just a simple login.

See the Workflow

The Power of Visibility

The TeleRad360 platform empowers radiologists, imaging facilities, urgent care centers and hospitals with cutting-edge capabilities for efficient and accountable patient care. TeleRad360 analytics tools enable health care providers to strategically manage and analyze their imaging business for improved efficiency, compliance and growth.


The voice recognition and self-editing tools allow radiologists to edit their reports immediately without waiting on a transcriptionist.


TeleRad360 ensures that no one is losing track of patients in the process and that technologists can see when the radiologists have finalized the report.


Reports can be imported directly into the local EMR, printed from the TeleRad360 Portal or electronically delivered to any destination via HL7.


The radiologist and hospital can use the data analytics within TeleRad360 for strategic analysis and planning.

What Problems Does TeleRad360 Solve?

There are many benefits and solutions offered that will make your imaging customers feel like they have a sense of control over the exam workflow process, including:


Rapidly changing image priority levels:

Despite a commitment to a smooth patient care process, many hospitals and clinics struggle with gaps, delays and accessibility problems related to the ordering of medical images, delivery of diagnostic results — especially as patient priority levels change rapidly.


Solve workflow and reporting challenges

By putting control of diagnostic images back in the hands of the hospital. This includes meeting the need for voice recognition across the process. TeleRad360 offers the best in flexibility and scalability. TeleRad360 users see significant improvements in workflow and efficiency because they have direct access to radiologists


Exam Accountability

Every exam is accounted for across the entire workflow process. From the order to the report being delivered, all users know where ever exam is in the process at all times. Radiologists can direct their attention toward streamlined results and reports, rather than exam management.
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