Welcome to the Radiology Data Exchange and VNA Network

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The Radiology Data Exchange and VNA Network is a private group that welcomes radiology administrators, healthcare IT professionals, and administrators and radiology managers at critical care hospitals nationwide to discuss and foster solutions in the field of radiology image exchange, DICOM exchange and VNA for healthcare images.

We look forward to discussing the challenges and opportunities in seamless exchange of patient image data, both within hospital departments and hospital to hospital across the country and the world. Our goal is to collaborate and share information about real answers to real challenges – such as problems with Meaningful Use, image compatibility problems on patient CDs and ways to better connect hospitals and critical care facilities nationwide for simple, more effective health image exchange. The result of our conversations means better patient care and outcomes, more quality time for physicians within direct patient care, and finding the most cost-effective, flexible and compliant solutions to storing and sharing patient data.

Please share your viewpoints and your own experiences in our discussions around DICOM exchange, the use and implementation of VNA (vendor-neutral archiving), health image exchange, PACS based image exchange, patient access to data, Meaningful Use, and ways to connect doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital without lost time and added costs when patient radiology images need to be shared. If you are a customer who has used VNA, virtual CD or health image exchange solutions, please share your experiences and ask questions.

We commit to giving you information and resources to the very best of our ability, and we believe sharing knowledge with other professionals benefits everyone in our online community.

We look forward to inviting radiologists and radiology managers, hospital administrators, healthcare IT professionals, image exchange professionals and members of connected organizations and associations.

Comments posted in this group are the opinions of the individuals who post them and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Offsite Image

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