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Offsite Image Management Inc.

At OffSite, our focus is on helping you and your business operate more efficiently. That’s why our PACS, Teleradiology & Service Solutions operate independently of each other and can be deconstructed so you get the solutions you need. You don’t have to pay for services that you don’t need and never use.

Dedicated Services is what we do. Our Services are hosted on multi-redundancy platforms ensuring 100% uptime, never down, always available. We know that redundancy is important to any department. That is why we incorporate backups within all our services to ensure maximum uptime. Our Support services team is ready 24/7. Our multichannel support layer and our Support Service Desk are ready to help get you going. 

Offsite PACS Solutions

Offsite PACS Systems are an easily configurable, highly scalable picture archiving and communication systems. It is installed in more than 10,000 facilities ranging from small individual imaging centers to large multi-modality, multi-site hospital installations across 118 countries

Producst & Services

We offer several managed and hosted services. All our services operate independently from each other. This allows you to only use the services that you need.


DICOM Modality Worklist


DICOM Manipulation

Data coercion services


FDA Q/A Workstation


Vetrinary Workstation


Advanced DICOM Routing

DICOM Migration

No cost migrations

DICOM Reader

Automatic CD Importing


PET/CT image fusion

HL7 Interface

ORM and ORU Integration

PACS Archiving

Vendor Neutral archiving


Capture video sources


CT/MR 3D processing


Scan & Print from Anywhere


CD-Jukebox burning


Dose monitoring & reporting

Patient Image Exchange

Securly share exams

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One of the big advantages to implementing Offsite's solutions is its ease of use and the support we get from Offsite Staff, including adding on new features as needed. 

Kelli Olson

Director of Radiology, Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center



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