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Welcome to your 360 Degree solutions provider. 

PACS Solutions

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Your PACS should support your needs for years to come and you need to ensure that it is 100% customized to your specifications. Isn’t it time you got a responsive partner, that listens to your feedback and gives you the features you need to build your business?

Archiving & DR

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Vendor Neutral Archives (VNAs) offer many departments and practices seamless image storing and archiving capability across any PACS. While Disaster Recovery focuses on the IT or technology systems that support business functions


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 It’s time to give total exam accountability back to the hospitals. A new teleradiology and VR platform that is the answer for hospitals and radiologists who have faced challenges with exam management, accountability and Integration.

Offsite PACS Solutions

At OffSite, our focus is on helping you and your business operate more efficiently.
That’s why our PACS and teleradiology solutions are based on the latest DICOM standards.
Making it easy to access patient exams and data at multiple locations at any time.

Zero Administration

With our PACS Administration as a service, your organization doesn’t have to worry about the daily tasks required to run a PACS. We do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Annual Software Upgrades

With a Service Contract all software is covered and with guaranteed non-obsolescence you will always have the latest version of the softwar.

Browser Agnostic Viewer

With our Zero Footprint viewer, Radiologists can read remotely using any browser that supports HTML5.


Rule-base auto-forwarding of data sets. Enhanced auto-routing due to advanced scheduleing options. 

Which PACS Solution is right for you?

Offsite’s revolutionary CloudPACS infrastructure has been designed and developed using the expertise of Radiology Directors, Technicians, PACS Administrators, Network Engineers and, combined of over 75 years of experieince. This wealth of imaging experience has lead to key partnerships throughout the imaging industry.


For smaller, low volume facilities and imaging centers, with a limited budget and limited needs. (Don’t pay for features and tools that you don’t need)



For small to medium sized facilities that need large storage, DataCenter reliability with hardware non obsolescence & guaranteed up-time.



Fully cusomizable solution for large enterprise facilities that need business continuity built in. On-site PACS and a CloudPACS the best of both worlds.


We know this is a big step, and you probabaly have questions.
We would love the opprotunity to answer any questions you might have. 

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Vendor Neutral Archive

Vendor Neutral Archives (VNAs) offer many departments and practices seamless image storing and archiving capabilities, across many PACS. A true VNA should be able to store and retrieve data from any PACS vendor and transparently migrate between storage platforms from any storage vendor, utilizing any storage technology as cost-effectively and painlessly as possible.


We store all objects in a non-proprietary format, in straight DICOM. Which is the standard in Radiology.


We support the complete suite of DICOM SOP classes including presentation states and key image notes.


Convert DICOM implementation and demographic needs of one PACS vendor to another.


The ability to pass through ADT updates to the exams and images stored in the Offsite archive.

One of the major challenges hospitals face in adopting an imaging data center in a multisite environment, stems from the vendor’s capabilities and willingness to help.


At last! TeleRad360 means EVERY exam is accounted for, across the entire radiology workflow.

It’s Time to Give Total Exam Accountability Back to the Hospitals

We’re proud to bring you a solution that helps you manage data coming from multiple facilities and uses logical rules to manage received data. TeleRad360 is an efficient workflow management system that can be customized to multiple radiologists and scaled up or down accordingly. No hardware or software is needed

The TeleRad360 platform empowers radiologists, imaging facilities, urgent care centers and hospitals with cutting-edge capabilities for efficient and accountable patient care.  TeleRad360 analytics tools enable health care providers to strategically manage and analyze their imaging business for improved efficiency, compliance and growth.

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TeleRAD360 by Offsite

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Our Team

Lasha Dalakishvili


As a former x-ray technologist, owner of imaging facilities, operatons and marketing consultant, project developer and practice administrator, Lasha brings a unique experience to OffSite.

Jamison White


With over 10 years of experience in the technology field and a wealth of knowledge in BIG-DATA infrustructure and Systems Administration Jamison provides leadership in managing the many projects that Offsite is invovled with.

Bob Crouch


As a professional business consultant in accounting, financial managemenet and business planning, Bob helps steward Offsite’s financial profile towards success in an ever changing market.

Joel Tanner

Business Development

With more than 35 years of sales and service within the medical community. Joel’s educational backround is an Associate of Science Degree and a B.S in Economics. He comes to Offsite Image Management to help business development and continnuity.


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Over the weekend we received updated guidance in the form of a Shelter-in-Place Ordinance that was issued by the City of St. Joseph, our local municipal authority.

While this order does indicate…”Businesses which are non-essential shall be prohibited from operating”, OffSite qualifies under several exemptions described below:

  1. Healthcare and public health services and supply distribution (for human or animal care)
  2. Communications infrastructure support and maintenance.
  3. Information technology development, management, support, and security.
  4. Support for the foregoing services

In lieu of this order we will be asking for all employees to work remotely. We, however, remain committed to supporting all of our clients remotely and will continue to support essential business operations with onsite personnel as required or as long as we are able to. While most of your existing lines of communication will likely continue to work, we would ask that if your needs are urgent or time-sensitive that you utilize the support procedures provided to you or defined on out Support Page.


It easy to write this e-mail from the comfort of the home office, but we do understand the challenges all of you are facing on the front lines against COVID-19.  Your commitment to stretch yourself beyond your normal daily duties of patient care, operating advanced diagnostic equipment and managing IT infrastructure is marvelous.  Many of you are working short-handed with limited supplies which makes your day so much more challenging.

I want to thank you for your dedication and commitment for the sacrifices many of you had to make just to come to work.

Thank you for your continued business as we work through this pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.





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