Reduced hardware and infrastructure costs: With CloudPACS, you don’t need to purchase and maintain costly servers, storage devices, and networking equipment.


Access medical images from anywhere with an internet connection, improving collaboration and efficiency.

Disaster recovery

Robust redundancy measures and backup systems provided by cloud services eliminate the need for additional backup systems or offsite storage.

Automatic updates

Regular software updates and improvements without user intervention, ensuring the system is always up-to-date.

Streamlined workflows

 Improved efficiency in accessing, sharing, and collaborating on medical images, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment.


Access medical images from anywhere with an internet connection, improving collaboration and efficiency.

Lower IT Costs

With a CloudPACS, we handle all maintenance, software updates, and security measures, reducing the need for dedicated IT staff.

Web-Based Access

accessible from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Image viewing and manipulation

CloudPACS provides advanced image viewing tools, including zoom, pan, window/level adjustments, annotations, and measurements, enabling healthcare professionals to analyze images effectively.

Data security

CloudPACS includes various security features, such as SSL/TLS encryption, user authentication, role-based access controls, 2FA & anti-Spam measures to protect medical data.

Multi-modality support

CloudPACS supports a wide range of medical imaging modalities, including MRI, CT, PET, X-ray, US, RF,  DX , SR, NM, XA, MG including TOMO & even PDF files.

Worklist management

CloudPACS offers worklist management features, allowing users to organize, prioritize, and track medical imaging studies efficiently.

Integration with other systems

Integrate with existing healthcare information systems, such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, Radiology Information Systems (RIS), and Hospital Information Systems (HIS), improving overall workflow efficiency.

DICOM support

CloudPACS is fully compliant with the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard, ensuring compatibility with various imaging devices and systems.

Data compression

The system uses lossless data compression techniques to reduce storage requirements without compromising image quality, which also improves data transfer speeds.

Reporting and printing

The system supports the creation and sharing of diagnostic reports and enables printing of medical images in various formats. Automated daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

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Kelli Olson

One of the big advantages to implementing Offsite’s solutions is its ease of use and the support we get from Offsite Staff, including adding on new features as needed.

Director of Radiology, Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center