Offsite RIS

See more patients. Generate more revenue.

Boost profitability and productivity with proven healthcare software or outsourced billing services.

Improve Patient Care

Our MedicsCloud EHR, with clinical reports and analytics, supports streamlined yet comprehensively documented encounters.

Get Paid More, Faster

With a nearly 100% success rate on 1st attempt clearinghouse claims (HCFA/UB/WC/NF), our practice management software gets you paid.

Delight Your Patients

With telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, make your patients’ experience – and yours – one that’s engaging and mobile.

Maximizing Revenue • Online Prior Authorizations • Clinical Decision Support

With our electronic prior authorizations and clinical decision support options, our pre-appointment out-of-network alerts and eligibility verifications, and access to our patient responsibility estimator from the scheduler, OffsiteRIS really does work to maximize revenue!  Transform your radiology departments today.

Patients and their Attorneys

OffsiteRIS supports a no-cost, built-in, attorney database for easily associating patients/attorneys. And, it’s case-specific when patients have multiple attorneys per incident. Our optional on-demand attorney portal enables them to securely retrieve the documentation they need without disrupting your staff.

Enhanced KPIs, Reporting & Analytics

OffsiteRIS provides an array of highly user-defined financial and operational KPIs and analytics for radiology departments. Display data in a variety of formats including dashboards, and export virtually any report to Excel. Radiology information systems reports can be set up to compile automatically.

Engage Patients and Marry Referrers

Orders In from referrers. Reports Out with no HL7 interfaces. Our portals keep patients and referring physicians connected with you while supporting a majority of intake in advance. Portal supports iOS/Android online payments. Optional kiosk further streamlines intake. All create significant workflow and staffing efficiencies for your radiology department.

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