Offsite’s PACS Solutions:

  • Included Features

  • $0

  • Unlimited DICOM ConnectionsUnlimited DICOM Connections
  • Zero Footprint Browser Agnostic ViewerZero Footprint Browser Agnostic Viewer
  • CD burning and CD importCD burning and CD import
  • Unlimited User CredentialsUnlimited User Credentials
  • FDA Approved Diagnostic ViewerFDA Approved Diagnostic Viewer
  • Auto fetch of prior examsAuto fetch of prior exams
  • Power PACS

  • Optional


    Monthly Service Plan

  • Unlimited DICOM ConnectionsAll-in-one workstation and server
  • Zero Footprint Browser Agnostic ViewerAll hardware and software included
  • CD burning and CD importImport of external documents and files
  • Unlimited User Credentials5 concurrent users
  • FDA Approved Diagnostic ViewerStructured reports and cine loops
  • Auto fetch of prior examsScalable
  • Cloud PACS

  • Optional


    Monthly Service Plan

  • Unlimited DICOM ConnectionsCommercial Datacenter hosting
  • Zero Footprint Browser Agnostic ViewerHardware & Software non-obsolescence
  • CD burning and CD importUnlimited routing rules
  • Unlimited User CredentialsData replication & business Continuity
  • FDA Approved Diagnostic ViewerWorkstation & Cloud PACS redundency
  • Auto fetch of prior examsScalable
  • Enterprise PACS

  • Optional


    Monthly Service Plan

  • Unlimited DICOM ConnectionsOnsite PACS server
  • Zero Footprint Browser Agnostic Viewer3D Tomo BTO Compliant
  • CD burning and CD importAdvanced logical expression
  • Unlimited User CredentialsData element coercion
  • FDA Approved Diagnostic ViewerHL7 ORM modality worklist interface
  • Auto fetch of prior examsScalable

With over 5,000 installations, OffSite Image Management Inc. provides one-of-a-kind expertise in Radiology Image Management and PACS. Whether in the cloud or on-site, we have the team to meet your needs.

Are you utilizing an out of date PACS, that just doesn’t work? You don’t have to. OffSite develops turnkey solutions for your unique PACS requirements.

Your Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) should support your needs for years to come, and you need to ensure that it is 100 percent customized to your specifications. Most of the systems now are outdated, even though some vendors are using updated terminology to try and sell their solutions as something “new.”

What problems can exist with your current PACS?

– Many PACS vendors build their solutions for multi-system hospitals, which doesn’t work for rural or critical access hospitals.

– Some are also using a single-server system that results in downtime when that server fails.

Isn’t it time you got a responsive partner, one that listens to your feedback and gives you the features you need to build your business?

In the OffSite environment, each individual component of our PACS operates independently from one another on separate pieces of hardware and in a fashion that fits your workflow needs. All components are replicated, so in the event that one piece fails, other components are not affected.

At OffSite, our focus is on helping you and your business operate more efficiently. That’s why our PACS and teleradiology solutions are based on the latest DICOM standards, making it easy to access patient exams and data at multiple locations at any time.

Our PACS solutions offer features, including:

•       Zero client administration — we do the heavy lifting.

•       Annual software upgrades for all related softare — without user interaction or any additional cost.

•       Browser agnostic viewer — accessing your data virtually from anywhere and from any device (including all mobile devices).

•       Solutions based on DICOM standards so accessibility is worry-free for patients and physicians, anytime.

•       Scalability.

•       You’ll have enterprise-level review and image management – while cutting the time and expense involved in reading, distributing and storing images.

•       With our PACS solutions, you’ll be able to work smoothly between multiple vendors and workstations so you can concentrate on patient care.

It comes down to this:

We’ll design a system to position you with leading-edge healthcare technology that really does meet your needs.

Additional options to complement your PACS soltuions include:

 Voice Recognition through IMSIVoice™ Speech Recognition

Teleradiology and integrated workflow through Telerad360