Offsite PACS Solutions

Isn’t it time you got a responsive partner, one that listens to your feedback and gives you the features you need to build your business?

Your PACS should support your needs for years to come and you need to ensure that it is 100% customized to your specifications.

Zero Client Administration

We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Browser agnostic viewer

accessing your data virtually from anywhere and from any device including mobile devices

Annual Software Upgrades

No user interaction or additional cost.

DICOM standards

Accessibility is worry-free for patients and physicians, anytime.

At OffSite, our focus is on helping you and your business operate more efficiently. That’s why our PACS and teleradiology solutions are based on the latest DICOM standards, making it easy to access patient exams and data at multiple locations at any time.

Power PACS


Monthly Service PLan

  • All-In-One Workstation
  • Hardware Included
  • Software Included
  • Import documents
  • 5 Concurrent Users
  • Structured Reports

Cloud PACS


Monthly Service PLan

  • Datacenter Hosting
  • Unlimited Routing
  • Data Replication
  • Non-Obsolesence
  • Business Continuity
  • Redundency

Entreprise PACS


Monthly Service PLan

  • On-site PACS
  • Data Coercion
  • Worklist Interface
  • Adv. Logical Expression
  • Scalable

Frequently asked questions

Although it is highly recommended, a monthly Service Plan is not required. The monthly Service Plan includes many benefits some of which are any technical support needs, additional/continued training as well as monthly Server and Software maintenance. A Monthly Service Plan is not to be confused with Software Warranty and Support. 

We are not bogged down by proprietary system that other vendors are centered around. Our VNA offering is not held back by limits put in place by other vendors.