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Why Cloud RIS Makes a Difference

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Why Cloud RIS Makes a Difference

Despite the fact that cloud computing has been a force in radiology for more than a decade, not everyone is sold on its benefits. We know some radiology and IT professionals are concerned about cost, and some who still hold on to fears regarding security. With the introduction of cloud RIS (radiology information system), gaining access to a reliable network suite of solutions has even the most reluctant becoming converts to the cloud.

Thwarting Disaster

Disasters happen, and unless you’re prepared there will be devasting aftermath. While some disasters (natural disasters) can’t be avoided, you can proactively plan for how you’ll react.

A cloud RIS solution, through the right vendor, includes tools that will protect your data so it will be available to you and everyone who needs access to it. This is primarily accomplished through offsite servers that will not be in harms way should a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, flood or other disaster ravage your region.

Disasters can also come via malicious hackers. With the right cloud RIS solution in place, you’ll be afforded security measures that can take the constant worry and risk out of the cybersecurity dilemma.

Gaining Support

Cloud RIS solutions will also come with plenty of support with top vendors, including throughout the implementation process. And when you’re up and running, rather than rely on an on-site specialist to offer support, all your needs are managed offsite by the vendor. This can include anything from software updates to debugging a system to migrating data.

Cost Control

Think about the real estate a server room takes up. Now think about the money spent on hardware and the salaries for on-site specialists to manage all the software and hardware. You can erase this scenario with a cloud-based RIS, which presents significant cost savings.

Better Patient Care

Providing improved patient care can rely quite largely on interoperability, which improves access, not only for the radiology professionals, but also through patient portals. One of the ways the healthcare industry has evolved is that patients today are taking a greater interest in their wellness management, which means they are more interested in gaining access to exams and doctor’s/specialist’s notes. That’s yet another advantage of adopting the right cloud RIS solution.

Choosing the Right Vendor

As you research providers of cloud RIS, consider partners that present you with customized options that speak to your needs. Don’t choose a one-size-fits-all solution, because it probably won’t fit your organization’s unique list of “must-haves.” Or, it will include much of what you don’t need, but require you to pay for it all the same.

At OffSite Image Management, we’ve crafted our cloud-based radiology solutions so they will meet all the requirements of your organization. We specialize in serving critical care facilities and rural providers, and we won’t break your budget. In fact, in most cases we can save you money while improving the operation of your radiology practice. Contact us and let’s talk about our services.


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