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Five Critical Collaborative Elements for Medical Imaging: Do Your Solutions Make the List?

Medical Imaging Solutions That Will Bring Efficiencies and Save Money Seamless patient care hasn’t always been the norm. In fact, many healthcare providers are struggling with collaborative solutions today, particularly with medical imaging. However, there is an answer. The problems have occurred not only between disparate facilities separated by miles; medical imaging issues have occurred…
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OffSite Image Management: The Trans Am of the Medical Imaging World

What does Trans Am have in common with a cutting edge medical imaging company? The answer is, Ron Keith. Keith, a rookie racecar driver competing in the Trans Am Road Racing Series, has taken OffSite Image Management, Inc., as his sponsor. His car will whiz around tracks throughout the Midwest, proudly displaying a graphic wrapped…
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Got PACS: You Also Need DICOM

DICOM is the standard for handling, printing, sharing and storing medical imaging. Essentially, DICOM is an application layer network protocol developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the AmericanCollege of Radiology for CAT, Ultrasound and MRI scan images. Widely successful and implemented, DICOM is now controlled by the DICOM Standards Committee. PACS allow medical…
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VNA Healthcare: How a Community Hospital Used VNA to Enhance Mammography and Workflow

VNA Healthcare Solutions in the Cloud While technological advancements have improved the way radiologists study images, there continues to be issues in how images are managed. Specifically, archiving, accessing and sharing medical images are at the forefront of most healthcare professional’s list of challenges. VNA healthcare advancements are providing an answer to the questions about…
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Deconstructed PACS and the Cloud: Does Your Image Management Strategy Fit In?

Cloud Solutions Improve Image Management A number of issues come up for healthcare providers looking to find more efficiencies in their medical imaging solutions. They have redundant imaging problems that create cost disadvantages and expose patients to various risks. A way to become more efficient is to make the flow of images across the enterprise…
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Three Facts About the Honeycomb That Impact Your Hospital’s Image Sharing

The segue from film to digital images has greatly affected the ability of healthcare providers to provide better quality care to their patients, mostly because of the quickness with which the images can be transported. However, not all DICOMs and picture archiving systems (PACS) are made equally. When providers started using PACS, most of them…
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OffSite Enters Second Season of Trans Am Racing

What is new for Offsite racing? Click Here or Here to find out. Get Your Hospital Out of Your Monte Carlo and Into the Hot Lead in a Trans Am with VNA Image Sharing from Offsite. Check out the view from inside the car! This Summer, Watch as Offsite Races to the Top VNA Solutions…
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Answers to the Question – What is DICOM?

What is DICOM and How Did it Evolve? Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine, more commonly known as DICOM, is the official standard for printing, storing, transmitting and handling medical imaging. It’s not uncommon for healthcare industry employees to ask, “what is DICOM?” However, for healthcare IT workers, especially those working in and around radiology,…
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Best Health Information Exchange is Huge Step Up From Paper Records

Medical practices moving away from paper records can find the process time consuming, but the results outstanding. The process may not be without its challenges, but moving to the best health information exchange brings a great many efficiencies. Offices that have gone through the process know that every staff member has to be completely on…
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PACS-Related VNA: How It’s True VNA

Make Sure Your VNA is the Real Deal The traditional departmental PACS is quickly losing its ability to support the amount of medical image data being generated today. Additionally, the traditional PACS is not capable of doing everything healthcare professionals are asking of it today. For instance, one issue with PACS today is related to…
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