PACS, when first being developed, might have been assigned the task of simply storing images, but as the landscape evolves, technologies are expected to do more and the responsibilities of disparate imaging-related technologies have a longer list than they once did. For example, cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) and cardiology PACS, once thought of as two completely separate pieces of infrastructure, are now operating in the same sphere.

It’s too early to say that cardiology PACS and CVIS have integrated, but they’ve certainly come closer together. One of the reasons these two technologies are mentioned in the same breath these days is because they both are able to manage cross-departmental data.

Expanding Capabilities

Some healthcare providers can operate with the required amount of efficiency with a simple image storage and distribution solution. But as patient needs grow beyond the capacity of what one healthcare professional can manage, their imaging needs to be available to a wider swath of providers. CVIS has been developed to connect the right doctors and administrators with patient data, providing image access, as well as access to non-imaging data, such as reports, that can inform decisions crucial to the patients’ health.

Hospitals can see benefits to integrating CVIS into their streamlined clinical and administrative workflow, allowing them to operate in real time and eliminate scheduling conflicts and double-booking rooms while offering more efficiencies related to accountability and stability.

Cloud PACS

Integrating new technologies can be a pain point for most healthcare IT teams. A major stumbling block is that there are many options on the market today and becoming saddled with the wrong ones can prove costly, while also setting back a provider’s ability to meet patient care expectations and goals. By working with the right vendor of cloud-based PACS solutions, you can ensure you’re on the right track while bypassing the trial and error process.

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