Despite the importance of the radiology information system (RIS), many healthcare providers aren’t putting enough leadership behind the management of their RIS. By utilizing best practices and staying up-to-date with technology, including cloud-based services, you can bypass some of the pain points that come with a poorly managed RIS.

The biggest mistake made with an RIS is when its data is old and/or incorrect. This has a variety of negative outcomes, including compliance problems, trouble with reimbursements and a range of patient care issues. Providers that take a closer look at their RIS and how it is managed get a clearer view of what needs to be addressed before the problems begin to pile up.

Knowing Where to Look

As you review your RIS, consider who relies on it the most and how they use it. Employees in charge of billing will likely have a different relationship with the RIS than doctors. What is your policy on updating your RIS? When updates are not done correctly, errors will ensue.

Are there problems with the work queue? Have your coders weigh in on problems they see happening on a frequent basis. Addressing this early can help you avoid compliance issues.

Finally, check your descriptors. When employees search for something using the wrong phrasing, they’re going to run into roadblocks.

Select the Right Technology

Healthcare providers need to be able to rely on a stable system that does not cause downtime or workflow issues related to their RIS and/or PACS. They need to know when it is time to update/upgrade their technology and adopt more modern imaging technology.

Working with the right vendor means you will be able to utilize solutions that seamlessly integrate with just about any medical information system, including RIS, ERM and HIS.

If the goal is to facilitate communication without boundaries, you need a PACS that offers stability and reliable performance day in and day out.

At OffSite Image Management, we offer a variety of modules, including iQ-Web for teleradiology and image distribution. We also offer a DICOM router for image compression that assists workflow and WADO – a solution for accessing DICOM images from anywhere.

We also offer cloud RIS technology that can help you reduce costs, avoid disaster and gain the support you need to run a smoother operation. Contact us and learn more about our approach to updating your RIS.