A recent study continues to show promise in the pairing of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). The study shows that patients undergoing breast-conserving therapy can experience improved surveillance through the use of AI and DBT.

The study, titled “Mammographic Surveillance After Breast Conserving Therapy: Impact of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Artificial Intelligence-Based Computer-Aided Detection,” details a retrospective study that included 314 women with bilateral breast cancer who received breast-conserving therapy and underwent DBT. “Ipsilateral breast recall rate was lower for DM+AI+CAD than for DM or DM+DBT.”

The researchers concluded that following breast-conversing therapy and DBT or AI-CAD, recall rates were reduced and the accuracy of the exams was improved compared to DM.

Technological Improvements Continue

The move away from film mammography devices has been years in the making, and many companies have worked toward improved digital devices for improved exam results and sensitivity. The results have shown that lesions that went undetected via the film approach are visible in newer digital technologies. More recently, with the rise of AI and more healthcare professionals adopting DBT, improvements have leaped ahead at a precipitous rate.

Stanford’s AIMI center is leading a charge to spur crowd-sourced AI applications in healthcare by offering up its repository of datasets to researchers the world over. This is yet another example of how medical professionals working together are helping to shape the future of improved healthcare services.

Accessing the Right Tech

Implementing the right management tools can provide a big boost to healthcare providers. Some of the tools getting attention lately include those that are cloud-based. For example, adopting an SaaS platform can bring automatic initialization of all preferred settings and conditions, horizontal and oblique masking, reference marketing of lesions position and multi-modality that can be used beyond mammography.

The best vendors offer unlimited upgrades and updates, software support and training. At OffSite Image Management, all of these benefits are available. The users of our MAMMO management tools get access to many perks, including implant blocker for easier viewing, automatic on-screen hanging of up to four high-resolution displays, CAD support for the biggest companies offering this technology, semantic interoperability and reference lines between MLO and CC, MG and US.

With our cloud-based tools, including cloud PACS and vendor neutral archiving capabilities, our clients experience drastically reduced issues with viewing images. Furthermore, they are opened up to the possibilities of accessing and sharing images in a way that wasn’t possible with their former technology.

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