Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology are bringing many benefits to industries of all types, including the healthcare industry. Radiologists in particular have found that when they use AI, they’re improving the performance of their readings. The use of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and AI together is particularly promising and is leading to improved testing processes.

Single-View Prospects

The standard today is for radiologists to use their DBT-based programs alongside digital or synthetic mammography, offering two views per breast. The concern is that the radiation exposure might be harmful with this two views per breast approach. Therefore, gaining popularity now is doing a single view, but only when using AI with their DBT programs.

According to a recent article in Radiology, a German and Dutch research group found that breast subspecialists’ interpretations actually improved when they incorporated AI. They note that there were no changes to the reading times, and overall, the study is another supportive nod to the improved outcomes using AI and DBT, specifically for decision and navigation support.

Furthermore, the studies suggest using a single-view DBT combined with AI is a reasonable option for screening implementation. Looking at mediolateral oblique exams and the synthetic 2-D images over a two-year period, and the comparison with the DBT counterparts shows that using DBT and AI “could allow for a more cost-effective screening program” with less workload for radiologists.

Gaining Support

Researchers are quick to note that there is yet to be strong evidence to support single-view DBT is as completely effective as two-view exams. It is thought that large-scale studies will need to be undertaken to get to the point where they can be fully confident in the feasibility of one-view exams.

Cloud-Based Radiology Support

Management tools can significantly improve radiologists’ approach to mammography. Some of the best mammography viewing technology in the U.S. includes all common image processing functions, such as image comparison measurements and more.

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