Virtual CD

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Say Good-bye to Burning CDs

  • No more purchasing costly and massive proprietary CD burning units
  • No more taking your technologists’ time to burn CDs
  • No more thinking about malfunctioning CDs
  • No more thinking about storing incoming CDs
  • No more worrying about lost CDs


Say Hello to Virtual CD

This Virtual CD essentially replaces your current CD burning process with a custom URL. This encrypted, and password protected URL can be simply printed out or emailed to a patient or another provider. In addition, the provider has the option of either viewing the exam’s in the cloud, downloading them into their PACS, or even printing them if needed.



  • Simple two-step process
  • No additional hardware required
  • Custom URL is launched and managed through VNA datacenter
  • All data is secured and protected
  • Patient assumes all responsibility for data access
  • URL can be deleted at any time or will expire within 30, 60 or 90┬ádays