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What You Need to Know About Archiving Structured Data (HL7)

The importance of sharing information in the healthcare industry is such that Health Level 7 (HL7), a conglomeration of healthcare professionals in 55 countries, has been created to help establish the standard format for exchanging data. Archiving structured data (HL7) is a priority. Archive refers to a long-term data storage subsystem, which is increasingly important…
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Archiving Structured Data (HL7) Can Solve Big Radiology Problems

Coming to Grips with Archiving Structured Data (HL7) In this age of digital technology and constant connection to the Internet, one would think that gaining access to medical imaging and archiving structured data (HL7) would be hassle free. However, many providers find that electronic medical records are not easy to access, and there are a…
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What’s New on the HL7 Agenda?

Healthcare Evolves and HL7 Archiving Keeps Up Technology changes at a rapid pace, and healthcare is certainly feeling that evolution. Healthcare providers strive to gain full insight into clinical operations, but are sometimes held back by proprietary processes that limit image sharing and access to HL7 transactions. What’s new on the HL7 and medical imaging…
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Is Your Archiving Structured Data an Accident? Be Deliberate Instead

Get a Better Grip on Archiving Structured Data What’s driving up the use of structured data? Some point to increased warehouse production and the sheer size of them. Others say the increased use of legacy systems is helping to drive up structured data use. Managing and archiving structured data deserves a new look if providers…
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