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Best Health Information Exchange is Huge Step Up From Paper Records

Medical practices moving away from paper records can find the process time consuming, but the results outstanding. The process may not be without its challenges, but moving to the best health information exchange brings a great many efficiencies. Offices that have gone through the process know that every staff member has to be completely on…
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Best Health Information Exchange: Should Patients Have Control?

What You Should Offer for the Best Health Information Exchange Services In the healthcare industry, many professionals are reluctant to change. Take small doctor’s office across America as an example; you see many of them still using large file folders containing the medical history of patients. These are professionals who may not understand or embrace…
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Best Health Information Exchange: Where do You Fit in?

By now everyone involved with healthcare has heard about or been touched in some way by health information exchange (HIE). By the middle of 2013, about half of all physicians in the U.S. were actively using an electronic health records system. The question is, are they using the best health information exchange available? The best…
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PACS and Consistent Measurements: Saving Lives?

Software related to picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) are continually improving and offering different approaches that allow doctors and specialists to better serve their patients. According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, lesion management software used in PACS has provided a more reliable and consistent method of studying metastatic…
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Offsite Data Storage in the Cloud: What Hospitals Consider Before Moving

The amount of data contained in medical records can be staggering, especially when there are high-resolution radiological images involved. Rather than invest in servers to store the data on-site, healthcare facilities are taking to the cloud. A major Boston medical center recently made the move to facilitate its need for a very large data storage…
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Image Management and Meaningful Use: What Rural Hospitals Must Know

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) has some important provisions that rural hospitals need to be aware of. The act establishes a funding base for healthcare facilities to establish health information technology efforts, including technology related to electronic health records. But the act also penalizes facilities that have failed to…
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Doctors Say Why Electronic Health Records Matter

Healthcare professionals spend a lifetime upholding the oath they took early in their careers. The oath requires them to care for the sick to the best of their abilities and judgment. Technology, no doubt, has assisted them throughout the centuries in keeping this oath. The latest generation of doctors has electronic health records (EHR) to…
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Features to Look For in Best PACS System

Film processing is expensive and storing the sensitive images can be a compliance problem for medical imaging offices. Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have been established not only to deal with cost and compliance issues, but to make sharing these images between healthcare professionals easier. The best PACS system can handle massive amounts of…
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Weighing in on Electronic Rural Hospital Data Storage

Limited budgets can limit the resources rural hospitals have in their data storage options. Some are finding that partnerships with larger hospitals in the region can ease the burden of storage needs, which seems to grow with each passing year. A recent study by Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence found that rural hospital data storage…
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Why Correctly Routing Images in Radiology is So Important

Few in the medical community would argue that radiology and biomedical imaging is one of the most important factors in determining why patients are sick and how they can be properly treated. Most of those images must be correctly routed to the medical facilities where medical professionals can view them, so properly routing images is…
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