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Why Cloud RIS Makes a Difference

Gain stronger footing on every aspect of your radiology needs through cloud RIS.

Providing More Efficient Patient Care With Cloud PACS

Medical imaging extends well beyond the reach of radiology or radiologists. Given the uptick in technology surrounding imaging, everyone from orthopedics to neurologists are invested in imaging that gives them a clearer view of what’s going on in the human body. Access to these images isn’t always as easy as they’d like it to be,…
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6 Reasons Teleradiology has Evolved

Advanced Teleradiology Technology Leads to Improvements in Healthcare It seems that with every new year, teleradiology makes a new advancement that helps professionals in healthcare do their jobs a little better. 2017 is no different as trends and technological advancements pave the way for a fresh outlook on teleradiology services. Workflow It’s often said that…
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Cloud Backup Services: Does Your Hospital Grab Hold of the Benefits?

Cloud Backup Services Can Help You Streamline Your Processes There really can be no denying that cloud computing is a benefit to the healthcare community. Today, cloud backup services play a vital role in the overall performance of healthcare IT applications, especially in regard to medical imaging. One of the more immediate perks of cloud…
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PACS Can Improve Patient Care

How to Make Your PACS Work for You If you’ve kept up with the evolution of PACS, you know its limitations and its strengths. You’ve watched as PACS have bridged radiology to other departments and see how radiologists are discovering how it functions as a leading-edge imaging solution. However, not all PACS are able to…
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Cloud PACS Can Reduce Imaging Costs and Improve Workflow — But What About Security?

Cloud PACS Are Now Secure Environments For many years, the healthcare community shunned the cloud due to security issues. However, given the flexibility of cloud PACS, not to mention cost savings, the reluctance to embrace cloud-based technology has taken a drastic turn. However, is there still something to worry about regarding security in the cloud?…
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Why Tools Like a Zero Footprint Diagnostic Viewer Can Prompt Better Patient Experience

Getting on Top of Image Management With a Zero Footprint Diagnostic Viewer When it comes to healthcare, there are many moving parts working together for the same outcome — better patient care. Radiologists are part of this mix, even though they’re often thought of as an independent part of an acquisition and interpretation team. With…
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What Does the Move From Volume to Value in Medical Imaging Mean for Radiologist Responsibility?

Medical Imaging of the Future (and Today) In the healthcare environment with so many different departments, accountability can be a tough subject. As the landscape shifts from volume based to value based care payment models, there is an added level of pressure of responsibility. How will these affect medical imaging? The first step is ensuring…
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Can a Cloud Viewer for Exam Management Lower Your Costs?

The Efficiencies in a Cloud Viewer for Exam Management There was a time not long ago that cloud-based services weren’t trusted, especially in the healthcare community. Those days are long gone, and providers are embracing the cloud for a number of reasons. However, can a cloud viewer for exam management improve productivity while lowering costs?…
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Cloud PACS Climbs: Cloud Use in Telehealth and Back Office Doubled in 2016

Cloud PACS Delivers Big in a New Era Did you know that roughly 59 percent of health IT professionals use or plan to use the cloud in 2017? For those who have already adopted cloud PACS and other cloud-based solutions and implemented them, this will come as no surprise due to the fact that there…
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