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Radiology Information System Cuts Back on Costly Image Problems in the E.R

Health information exchange (HIE) has offered some healthcare providers an opportunity to experience growing pains, but a recent study found that HIEs are responsible for reducing the amount of redundancy in emergency rooms. The University of Michigan’s Mathematica Policy put its researchers to work finding out what the impact of HIEs has had on emergency…
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DICOM Exchange and Image Quality: The Basics

Where would the healthcare community be in this digital age without the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard? As the top choice for exchanging medical imaging and related information, the DICOM exchange has provided countless healthcare professionals with the images and data they need to assist millions of patients. Radiologists were first introduced…
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More Providers Becoming Connected With Offsite DICOM Solutions

OffSite Image Management DICOM Solutions Chosen for Pilot Program Providers today are faced with many challenges in sharing and archiving medical images. Fortunately, leaders in the field are coming together to establish a solution. Spearheading the effort today is the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN), which recently announced that 10 members were selected to participate…
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What Mayo Clinic Does With DICOM Storage…and What it Means to Patients

The Mayo Clinic is not short on respect in the medical community and it is extending it’s highly regarded reputation with a first-of-a-kind computerized tracking system that will replace current systems that are too time-consuming in their manual processes. The imaging exam tracking system at Mayo offers more consistency and safety for the patient due…
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Why VNA Matters so Much to Critical Access Hospitals

What VNA Does for Medical Imaging Vendor neutral archiving: it’s a part of conversation for just about every IT professional in healthcare. VNA, as it’s more widely known, has emerged among cloud computing as a go-to solution for improving the way providers handle medical imaging. Has your facility realized the benefits of using VNA? Today,…
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How Structured Data and Enterprise Archiving Are Trending Now

Meaningful Use (MU) objectives are influencing how radiologists approach their workflow. The latest phase, which includes requirements regarding when electronic reports must be available to patients, has definitely impacted the way radiologists and IT professionals are thinking about enterprise archive compatibility. The enterprise archive is a long-term storage solution that is capable of managing data…
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Does DICOM for Diagnostic Images Create New Challenges?

How to Get Around DICOM Issues If you’re unable to share medical imaging unfettered today, you’re not meeting the expectations of your patients. In fact, the ability to quickly and efficiently share medical images across departments and across facilities is one of the key components of responsible healthcare. The DICOM format is the standard for…
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Does DICOM Work? A Quick Overview

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the global standard for information technology at hospitals throughout the world. Developed in 1993, DICOM assists healthcare providers in producing, displaying, sending, storing, processing, retrieving, printing and querying medical images and other data. Providers began purchasing equipment and information systems that conform to the DICOM standard soon…
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PACS-Related VNA: How It’s True VNA

Make Sure Your VNA is the Real Deal The traditional departmental PACS is quickly losing its ability to support the amount of medical image data being generated today. Additionally, the traditional PACS is not capable of doing everything healthcare professionals are asking of it today. For instance, one issue with PACS today is related to…
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DICOM Exchange and Confidentiality

Digital imaging and communications in medicine, also known as DICOM, is the application layer network protocol for storing, sharing and printing medical imaging and information. The confidentiality of a DICOM exchange is of great importance to medical practitioners and IT administrators at healthcare facilities. Medical imaging is often the link between an illness and a…
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