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Benefits of DICOM Image Exchange: Across All Fields

The Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) standard has a history dating back to the early 1980s. If you weren’t a manufacturer of computed tomography or a specialist in magnetic resonance imaging, you probably couldn’t decode images until the DICOM standard was developed. By 1983, the American College of Radiology and the National Electrical…
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Surprise: Hospital Data Loss Underserved, Few Have HIE

Don’t Get Caught up in Hospital Data Loss A study from Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation reveals that only 30 percent of hospitals in the U.S. are part of a health information exchange (HIE). While there has been a slight increase in the number of healthcare providers involved in HIE participation since…
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Got PACS: You Also Need DICOM

DICOM is the standard for handling, printing, sharing and storing medical imaging. Essentially, DICOM is an application layer network protocol developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the AmericanCollege of Radiology for CAT, Ultrasound and MRI scan images. Widely successful and implemented, DICOM is now controlled by the DICOM Standards Committee. PACS allow medical…
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Three Facts About the Honeycomb That Impact Your Hospital’s Image Sharing

The segue from film to digital images has greatly affected the ability of healthcare providers to provide better quality care to their patients, mostly because of the quickness with which the images can be transported. However, not all DICOMs and picture archiving systems (PACS) are made equally. When providers started using PACS, most of them…
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Answers to the Question – What is DICOM?

What is DICOM and How Did it Evolve? Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine, more commonly known as DICOM, is the official standard for printing, storing, transmitting and handling medical imaging. It’s not uncommon for healthcare industry employees to ask, “what is DICOM?” However, for healthcare IT workers, especially those working in and around radiology,…
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PACS-Related VNA: How It’s True VNA

Make Sure Your VNA is the Real Deal The traditional departmental PACS is quickly losing its ability to support the amount of medical image data being generated today. Additionally, the traditional PACS is not capable of doing everything healthcare professionals are asking of it today. For instance, one issue with PACS today is related to…
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Does DICOM for Diagnostic Images Create New Challenges?

How to Get Around DICOM Issues If you’re unable to share medical imaging unfettered today, you’re not meeting the expectations of your patients. In fact, the ability to quickly and efficiently share medical images across departments and across facilities is one of the key components of responsible healthcare. The DICOM format is the standard for…
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Radiology Information System Cuts Back on Costly Image Problems in the E.R

Health information exchange (HIE) has offered some healthcare providers an opportunity to experience growing pains, but a recent study found that HIEs are responsible for reducing the amount of redundancy in emergency rooms. The University of Michigan’s Mathematica Policy put its researchers to work finding out what the impact of HIEs has had on emergency…
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DICOM Exchange and Image Quality: The Basics

Where would the healthcare community be in this digital age without the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard? As the top choice for exchanging medical imaging and related information, the DICOM exchange has provided countless healthcare professionals with the images and data they need to assist millions of patients. Radiologists were first introduced…
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More Providers Becoming Connected With Offsite DICOM Solutions

OffSite Image Management DICOM Solutions Chosen for Pilot Program Providers today are faced with many challenges in sharing and archiving medical images. Fortunately, leaders in the field are coming together to establish a solution. Spearheading the effort today is the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN), which recently announced that 10 members were selected to participate…
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