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Staying HIPAA Compliant and Robust With Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

Your disaster recovery plan should offer you minimum recovery time and quick access to your data.

Meet the Team at OffSite Image Management

OffSite Image Management is a company founded and operated by experts in the field of radiology and IT.

Secure Your Future With Disaster Recovery Protocol

The Best Disaster Recovery in Offsite Form A great number of events can put your data in jeopardy. These events, unpredictable in nature, can compromise your PACS server and all your stored data. From floods to fires, earthquakes to tornados – natural disasters are only one part of the equation. There is also human error…
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Why a Disaster Recovery System in a Rural Hospital Means Life or Death

Not much can stop an EF5 tornado as it winds its way through a community. Ask anyone who was at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin, MO, when a tornado dismantled the facility in 2011. Disasters to medical facilities aren’t always this dramatic or obvious. Sometimes it’s a simple climate control malfunction that can…
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Save Your Data With Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning Doesn’t Have to be Difficult How many stories have you heard about healthcare providers who failed to maintain a proper disaster recovery planning ethic? There is a better way to back up your business, and it is increasingly becoming more cloud based. The truth is, there are so many unpredictable events that…
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Disaster Recovery Solutions Top Priority For OffSite Image Management

Since the security regulations in the Health Information and Accountability Act (HIPAA) went into effect in 2005, healthcare facilities have used them as a catalyst to provide more efficient sharing opportunities. Specifically, radiologists and IT staff have developed ways to store and manage their images and data in a way that makes them available from…
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Disaster Recovery Planning: Does Everybody Have a Role?

How to Properly Strategize Disaster Recovery Planning A good portion of the typical day of an IT professional is looking for problem areas and taking action to ensure nothing flares up. It makes sense to put so much proactive effort into each and every day because an IT disaster can disrupt the entire enterprise. Equally…
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Medical Imaging Strategies: What Works for You?

Using Comprehensive Cloud Services for Medical Imaging The merger and acquisition action in the healthcare industry is strong, which means medical imaging strategies are getting a fresh look across the country. Disparate institutions are now joined, and their technology doesn’t always match; in fact, it’s rare that it does, which explains the focus on correcting…
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Does Your Strategy Fit into 2017 Disaster Recovery Planning Trends? (If Not, Why?)

Disaster Recovery Planning With a Focus on Cloud Solutions Looking to boost your disaster recovery planning this year? That’s a smart move, because in healthcare environments, access to data is often a critical situation, especially when it comes to medical imaging. There are many disaster recovery planning trends out there today, including alternate data center/colocation.…
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Establishing a Disaster Recovery Plan

Using Cloud-Based Solutions for Disaster Recovery It should be on the minds of everyone who relies on data to do their jobs effectively – disaster recovery. It’s critical to have a variety of situations that can occur. What disaster recovery plans do you have for your medical images? Unexpected power outages, natural disasters, fire, technical…
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