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Interoperability: Reaching Efficiency in Radiology

Interoperability is the key to gaining insights, easing burnout and improving the daily workflow.

Electronic Health Record Adoption is Challenging Rural Hospitals

The healthcare needs of residents living in rural areas are no different than the residents of densely populated cities throughout the U.S. However, there is a gap in the level of service available to these rural residents. Electronic health record (EHR) requirements are not unlike the healthcare needs of the rural residents in that these…
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Cloud PACS and Seamless EMR Data

There are many reasons why medical facilities are establishing electronic health records  (EHRs and EMRs) and cloud PACS, none of which are probably more enticing than the federal government’s incentives in doing so. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was passed in 2009, first brought to light these incentives. IT departments in healthcare facilities…
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Protecting Electronic Health Records Can be Expensive But it Doesn’t Have to be Out of Reach

One has to look no further than how much the healthcare system is spending to protect themselves from data breaches to understand the magnitude of how important protecting against threats is becoming – $7 billion annually. Electronic health records (EHRs) have many advantages to the archaic ways of storing and accessing patient information, but EHRs…
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HL7 and Interoperability: What Really Defines Interoperability?

HL7 Interoperability is Critical for Success What should an open electronic health record look like? It’s something that more and more radiology IT professionals are considering today, particularly where HL7 is concerned. A lot of emphasis is being put on interoperability, because it’s becoming more important than it ever has before. There are a number…
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Medical Image Market May Reach $6 Billion in Five Years: Where Does VNA Fit In?

VNA and Its Place in the Healthcare Image Management Industry It’s an exciting time to be involved in the medical image market as projections for the industry point to a value of $5.85 billion by 2021. That’s a 6.5 percent growth from this year’s value of $4.22 billion. How does VNA fit into this projection?…
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Surprising Predictions About Cloud Backup Services for Radiology

What Cloud Backup Services Can do For You Cloud computing is growing at a rate that has industry experts saying it will be a $6.79 billion industry in 2018. That represents an annual compound growth rate of more than 21 percent. What is your IT team doing to join in with cloud backup services. Have…
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Vendor Neutral Archiving: Learning from a Colorado Success Story

The exchange of information through the electronic health records (EHR) process doesn’t have to be a nightmare. A Colorado critical access hospital proved that recently when it connected with its EHR system to a health information exchange (HIE) called the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization, or CORHIO. Estes Park Medical Center, the first of its…
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PACS and HIE: Rumors and Truths

What’s in Store for PACS in the Future? The technology surrounding medical images continues to evolve, which means the conversation about the future of PACS gets deeper and wider every year. It’s difficult to separate the rumors from the truth and get a clear picture of where we’re headed in healthcare IT. There is an…
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Three Reasons Electronic Health Records Really do Mean Better Care for Patients

The move to embrace electronic health records doesn’t sit well with everyone. In fact, many healthcare professionals that have been in the industry for decades have been quite skeptical of storing information, including medical images, in electronic form. The reluctance to go with electronic health records was aided in the early days of the technology…
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