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Healthcare Enterprise Struggle: Where Will All the Data Go?

There is a lot of talk about “big data,” and for good reason; when you can drill down into your data, you can often find solutions. But the massive amounts of data organizations are creating is beginning to pile up. This is just as true in healthcare as it is in any industry. A healthcare…
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Healthcare Enterprise and VNA: Starts with Strategy

Healthcare providers across the nation are looking at ways they can establish a better and more secure healthcare enterprise. The ones that are succeeding are doing it with vendor neutral archiving (VNA). To get started, you have to have a strategy. Your first thought should be on how you can get ready to migrate your…
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Healthcare Enterprise: Juggling Interoperability and Other Stage 2 Issues

If you reached Stage 1 requirements of Meaningful Use in 2011, Stage 2 of the Federal Electronic Health Records is now underway. Now that providers have had at least some introduction to Meaningful Use, some pain points have popped up. If you are a provider that is attempting to comply with several healthcare reform issues…
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Healthcare Enterprise and Patient Data: What’s Next

With the ever-changing technological landscape, it’s difficult to predict where the next trend is going to take the healthcare industry. Certainly, as the cloud computing revolution has proven, sharing and storing medical imaging should continue to see a performance boost with every new technological advancement related to cloud computing. As a professional working in the…
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