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Vendor Neutral Archiving Saves Hospitals Serious Money

Most healthcare providers are influenced to move toward vendor neutral archiving (VNA) strategies due to the more efficient process that such a method can provide. However, administrators are also attracted to cost savings. For instance, a hospital located in Philadelphia achieved a cost savings of nearly $3 million in the five years since it adopted…
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DICOM Storage and Patients: It’s About Access to Their Own Images

The DICOM storage process is evolving. When health information exchanges were first coming into play in the healthcare industry, there was a lot of focus on setting the foundation right, establishing connectivity and coming up with standards that lead to sustainability. As nearly everyone in the industry has gotten onboard, we’re finding that the amount…
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HL7 and Interoperability: What Really Defines Interoperability?

HL7 Interoperability is Critical for Success What should an open electronic health record look like? It’s something that more and more radiology IT professionals are considering today, particularly where HL7 is concerned. A lot of emphasis is being put on interoperability, because it’s becoming more important than it ever has before. There are a number…
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Should You Switch EHR or Expand Current System? Consider Honeycomb Exchange Benefit

Years ago, many healthcare providers jumped head first into electronic health records (EHR) and established what they thought was a good system. However, it’s becoming quite clear that as technology improves by leaps and bounds in very short periods of time, those original EHRs are most likely on their way out. How many, exactly? According…
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Healthcare Enterprise and Patient Data: What’s Next

With the ever-changing technological landscape, it’s difficult to predict where the next trend is going to take the healthcare industry. Certainly, as the cloud computing revolution has proven, sharing and storing medical imaging should continue to see a performance boost with every new technological advancement related to cloud computing. As a professional working in the…
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