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Staying HIPAA Compliant and Robust With Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

Your disaster recovery plan should offer you minimum recovery time and quick access to your data.

Specific Ways HIPAA Impacts Radiology Information Systems

Staying on top of HIPAA regulations is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Healthcare facilities got a new rule handed down earlier this year. Radiologists were affected by this new rule as there are an impactful number of changes involved. The newest rule has earned a title – “mega rule” because of the sheer…
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Disaster Recovery Solutions Top Priority For OffSite Image Management

Since the security regulations in the Health Information and Accountability Act (HIPAA) went into effect in 2005, healthcare facilities have used them as a catalyst to provide more efficient sharing opportunities. Specifically, radiologists and IT staff have developed ways to store and manage their images and data in a way that makes them available from…
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Managing Hospital Data Without PACS Bulk

Healthcare IT professionals are becoming more familiar with the phrase “deconstructing PACS.” It’s essentially the process of looking at PACS from a new angle. No longer are professionals in the medical industry interested in bulky proprietary units that make it next to impossible to efficiently share medical imaging. Thus, more have taken on the deconstruction…
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Legendary Data Breaches: How Virtual CD Could Have Saved 1 Million Patient Images Lost on One CD

It’s difficult being on the receiving end of a HIPAA violation; just ask any one of the many healthcare providers who have mistakenly lost patient information, either through a breach in the firewall, a lost or stolen laptop or a lost CD with medical imaging burned into it. The problem isn’t unique to American providers…
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