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Cloud PACS and Seamless EMR Data

There are many reasons why medical facilities are establishing electronic health records  (EHRs and EMRs) and cloud PACS, none of which are probably more enticing than the federal government’s incentives in doing so. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was passed in 2009, first brought to light these incentives. IT departments in healthcare facilities…
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DICOM Exchange and VNA: Hand in Hand for Image Success

It’s well established that the Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) standard is the preferred method for handling, storing, printing and sharing medical imaging. It’s also becoming more established that when a DICOM exchange is mixed with vendor neutral archiving systems (VNA), the coupling proves extremely valuable. Some would argue that the DICOM exchange…
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Doctors Say Why Electronic Health Records Matter

Healthcare professionals spend a lifetime upholding the oath they took early in their careers. The oath requires them to care for the sick to the best of their abilities and judgment. Technology, no doubt, has assisted them throughout the centuries in keeping this oath. The latest generation of doctors has electronic health records (EHR) to…
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Weighing in on Electronic Rural Hospital Data Storage

Limited budgets can limit the resources rural hospitals have in their data storage options. Some are finding that partnerships with larger hospitals in the region can ease the burden of storage needs, which seems to grow with each passing year. A recent study by Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence found that rural hospital data storage…
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Rural Hospital Data: Do Smaller Hospitals Fall Behind?

Cancer, heart disease and other ailments that befall those that live in the city are no different than what those in rural communities face. But what health experts are trying to determine is why the number of life-threatening ailments hasn’t fallen in rural areas like  it has in urban areas. One reason might be that…
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What Can we Learn About PACS From a NYC Example?

PACS Exchanges Could Shore-Up Inefficiencies There are often telling reminders of how badly things can go in a healthcare facility when information fails to flow properly from one PACS to another. An example of this comes from a university medical center in New York where the senior manager of information management presented the story of…
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How Does the Cloud Benefit Hospitals for Electronic Health Records?

The cost of healthcare is an issue that will probably never go away, but there are measures healthcare providers can take to help control them, including adopting cloud-based electronic health records solutions. While the management of digital medical data has been a contributing factor the increased costs associated with healthcare, there are some companies using…
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How Electronic Health Records Will Impact Veterans’ Health Care in the U.S

The coordination of quality and safe healthcare depends on the health information exchange established by a healthcare provider. An entity with one of the strongest backgrounds in using health information exchange for electronic health records is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Many of the veterans seeking care through the VA also see doctors…
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