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Best Health Information Exchange is Huge Step Up From Paper Records

Medical practices moving away from paper records can find the process time consuming, but the results outstanding. The process may not be without its challenges, but moving to the best health information exchange brings a great many efficiencies. Offices that have gone through the process know that every staff member has to be completely on…
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What Mayo Clinic Does With DICOM Storage…and What it Means to Patients

The Mayo Clinic is not short on respect in the medical community and it is extending it’s highly regarded reputation with a first-of-a-kind computerized tracking system that will replace current systems that are too time-consuming in their manual processes. The imaging exam tracking system at Mayo offers more consistency and safety for the patient due…
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What Are the Benefits of Using Offsite Archiving?

Health information management continues to evolve, from the technology used to the compliance issues surrounding it. Offsite archiving also becomes affected by these changes. It’s all about protecting the data and keeping confidential information safe from compromise. Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) modify HIPAA, which has affected the way facilities operate…
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How Does a Radiology PACS System Work?

PACS is what radiologists call a picture archiving and communication system. It’s what radiologists, specialists and medical doctors use to quickly access images and other data to help them diagnose medical issues and prescribe a treatment regimen for it. PACS have replaced the old methods involved in medical imaging, which once included film archives that…
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Lessons in Offsite Data Storage: Does it Pay Off for Hospitals?

Hospitals large and small that once relied solely on paper records and film radiology are seeing massive savings and convenience by switching to an outsourced method of storage and retrieval. The savings in resources and material alone often pay for the third-party companies providing offsite data storage that have established HIEs and PACS. Document management…
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Doctors Say Why Electronic Health Records Matter

Healthcare professionals spend a lifetime upholding the oath they took early in their careers. The oath requires them to care for the sick to the best of their abilities and judgment. Technology, no doubt, has assisted them throughout the centuries in keeping this oath. The latest generation of doctors has electronic health records (EHR) to…
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Weighing in on Electronic Rural Hospital Data Storage

Limited budgets can limit the resources rural hospitals have in their data storage options. Some are finding that partnerships with larger hospitals in the region can ease the burden of storage needs, which seems to grow with each passing year. A recent study by Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence found that rural hospital data storage…
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Health Image Exchange, Rural Hospitals and Telemedicine: Missouri Steps Forward

Missouri has two major metropolitan communities that account for a large percent of its residents, but the agricultural state is largely rural. Rural communities across the nation continue to make strides to improve broadband access, as does Missouri. But along with that, the Show-Me-State is also improving its telemedicine care. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced…
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Hospital Data Loss Draws Tougher Scrutiny, Penalties

Every so often the medical community gets a reason to fear the loss of critical data concerning their patients’ personal medical information. Far greater than a lost laptop or stolen thumb drive, hospital data loss comes with some serious consequences when the system’s security has been compromised. When it comes to data security, lack of…
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One Group, One Radiology Information System – Key Benefits to Know Now

More hospital administrators are shying away from teleradiology specialists and considering a hospital-based radiology group to actually read the images, according to a recent survey. As imaging has become more important in the hospital setting, some administrators have moved to a teleradiology option to improve on efficiency. But some are finding that hospitals that go…
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