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Cloud PACS and Patient Portals: Can Radiologists be Freed From the Reading Room?

How Radiologists Are Using Cloud PACS to Their Favor The medical landscape is changing. In many ways, it’s becoming more patient-centric, as is evidenced by the proliferation of patient portals that give patients and doctors better access to patient records. With cloud PACS, the patient-centric focus is coming into better view. Patients today are demanding…
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Business Continuity Planning: Sheer Volume Can Hold Radiology Back

Business Continuity Planning Relies on Great Communication Radiologists know there is no relationship more important than that between the radiologist and their technologist. Quality patient care relies on an easy exchange of information from one to the other, and that should be assisted by technology. However, business continuity planning often hits stumbling blocks because of…
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What Does the Top-Performing Radiology PACS Solution Include?

Radiology PACS are Going Offsite Are you currently feeling mired down with your radiology PACS solution? In a perfect world if money was not a barrier, how would you set up your PACS? Likely, many will want something that keeps up with the ever increasing flow of medical images that have to be archived and…
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PACS in Radiology and Workflow: It’s Time to Stop Losing Critical Time

Connecting With a Better PACS in Radiology Solution It’s not unusual for radiology departments to fall behind on reading cases, especially PET/CT cases. Many radiologists report being behind on about 20 percent of them, meaning the patient comes to the hospital for a follow-up and the attending physician looks at the file and finds that…
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Browser Agnostic Means Streamlined Image Workflow, Better Patient Satisfaction

The Value of a Browser Agnostic Solution for Your Image Management For too long, hospitals and clinics have not been able to assign accountability when it comes to sending out their image files. Can a browser agnostic solution bring more accountability and a streamlined image workflow? When an exam goes “missing” everybody loses out, especially…
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What Does a Truly Intelligent Radiology PACS Workflow Look Like?

Radiology PACS – The Wave of the Future Your radiology department is likely constantly striving for efficiency but may encounter a number of obstacles to streamlining your processes. Can radiology PACS be the intelligent technology that assists your radiology department in overcoming obstacles and improving volume, patient care and satisfaction? Care and efficiency are at…
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Report Says Integrated Image Transmission Could Improve Image Orders for Hospital Patients

The Journal of the American College of Radiology released a report recently that sheds some light on an issue that many radiology professionals are facing today regarding image transmission, clinical decision support and computerized physician order entry systems. Researchers have discovered that clinical decision support (CDS) at the point of care level provides improvements in…
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Radiology Image Transmission Problems Solved in Louisiana

Few medical providers can say that they’ve had zero radiology image transmission problems in their history, especially their recent history as they prepare for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. However, one provider in Louisiana recently shared its success story with a new service that involves cloud-based image services. The IT staff at Hood Memorial Hospital,…
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What to do First For Health Image Exchange

Most IT administrators in the healthcare industry aren’t as familiar with health image exchange as they are with health information exchange (HIE). However, when it comes to sharing and storing radiological images, health image exchange should be on the list of technologies to embrace. The health image exchange should be part of the HIE. Practices…
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