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Radiology Workflow Solutions to Help Your Team Avoid Burnout

Reduce burnout related to technology by fighting radiology workflow issues with technology.

What Does the Top-Performing Radiology PACS Solution Include?

Radiology PACS are Going Offsite Are you currently feeling mired down with your radiology PACS solution? In a perfect world if money was not a barrier, how would you set up your PACS? Likely, many will want something that keeps up with the ever increasing flow of medical images that have to be archived and…
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What Does a Truly Intelligent Radiology PACS Workflow Look Like?

Radiology PACS – The Wave of the Future Your radiology department is likely constantly striving for efficiency but may encounter a number of obstacles to streamlining your processes. Can radiology PACS be the intelligent technology that assists your radiology department in overcoming obstacles and improving volume, patient care and satisfaction? Care and efficiency are at…
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How Smaller Hospitals Can Save Money on Radiology PACS

Radiology PACS of the Future Radiology PACS 3.0 and vendor neutral archiving (VNA) have been hot topics for some time now, especially PACS 3.0, but they are both coming into their own. However, these two aren’t pitted against each other. In fact, PACS 3.0 and VNA will work together to provide healthcare professionals with a…
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Radiology PACS System is Big Business – Nearly $4 Billion Big

MarketsandMarkets, a business research firm, estimates that over the next four years, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and vendor neutral archive (VNA) systems will be a $3.48 billion industry. VNA, which is an image storage and sharing process because it allows healthcare professionals using disparate hardware and software to share medical imaging, has an…
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