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How Better Rural Hospital Data Can Mean Better Physician Engagement

There is a direct correlation between data and engagement when it comes to medical providers and how effectively they are able to do their jobs. Unfortunately, engagement levels aren’t always the priority at most healthcare organizations. A recent survey by Physician Wellness Services proves this point. According to the study, physicians want to be engaged,…
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Rural Hospital Data: How to Adapt and Thrive

Connecting With Better Solutions for Rural Hospital Data Can rural hospitals thrive in today’s market? Not unlike corporate farming that has taken over the small family farm operation in rural America, hospitals are increasingly eyeing collaborative solutions, which can compromise their ability to remain independent. However, when it comes to dealing with rural hospital data,…
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What Changes are Critical Access Hospitals Planning for Rural Hospital Data?

While patients face the same health challenges regardless of whether they live in urban centers or rural areas, the facilities that treat them see different challenges. Every healthcare provider is doing their part in complying with rules and regulations regarding electronic health care record adoption, but if you are in a rural facility, you’ve definitely…
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Rural Hospital Data Loss is Only One Challenge: NRHA Asks For Extension

Members of Congress sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in September asking for a one-year extension for healthcare providers to meet provisions set forth in Stage 2 of the Electronic Health Records Meaningful Use Incentive Program (EHR). A group of 17 Senators signed the letter, which…
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What Steps Can We Take to Protect Rural Hospital Data?

Despite the encryption technology and password-protected files, millions of healthcare data breaches occur every year. Most hospitals spend large amounts of money to follow security measures put in place by the federal government, which ensures that data isn’t getting into the wrong hands. Yet it still occurs and these facilities face millions of dollars in fines…
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Rural Hospital Data: What are Barriers to Image Management

Common Rural Hospital Data Challenges When it comes to rural hospital data, providers often find themselves hitting barriers, whether it’s resources related to personnel or money, finding the right solution at the right cost can be a challenge. 1. Budget One of the most common issues cited by providers in their rural hospital data scenario…
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Rural Hospital Data: True Story of Success

Rural hospitals often struggle with bringing in new technologies, mainly due to a lack of resources, both financial and personnel; budgets are easily strained and the best educated workers flock to more urban areas. New solutions are becoming available to critical access hospitals – solutions that don’t require a large amount of resources. Facilities with…
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Rural Hospital Data Management: Living up to Promises?

America has more than 2,000 small town hospitals, most of which are in rural areas. Very few of these can say they aren’t affected negatively by the push to adopt electronic medial records systems. Hospitals that are implementing electronic medial records systems are spending billions of dollars and putting their IT personnel to the test.…
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Rural Hospital Data Needs Are no Different Than Urban Needs

Time is of the essence in the healthcare industry where physicians rely on medical images to help them diagnose and develop a plan of treatment for their patients. However, not every doctor has the technology on their side that can offer the quick glimpses into the inner workings of the human body. This is especially…
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Top Three Rural Hospital Data Storage Problems, and Solutions

The healthcare plan developed within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) seeks to advance the health information network across the nation. However, rural hospitals aren’t seeing the same level of advancements as medical facilities in more populated areas. According to a report compiled by the Altarum Institute, rural hospitals are less likely…
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