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Keeping Hospital Data Secure and Safe

It’s imperative that patient information not be seen by unauthorized eyes. Hospitals have been fined millions of dollars for mismanaging information, either through a lost laptop or a stolen flash drive. There are risks around every corner, which is why healthcare professionals invest a lot of time and money in shoring up those risks. HIPAA…
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Rochester Medical Center Ditches Traditional CD Image Problems (What You Can Learn)

How CD Technology is Taking a Back Seat to Offsite Solutions The healthcare community might have been slow, and perhaps appropriately, to taking to the cloud for imaging solutions, but the migration to offsite solutions has certainly begun. A great example of why this is happening is evident in the University of Rochester Medical Center’s…
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What Steps Can We Take to Protect Rural Hospital Data?

Despite the encryption technology and password-protected files, millions of healthcare data breaches occur every year. Most hospitals spend large amounts of money to follow security measures put in place by the federal government, which ensures that data isn’t getting into the wrong hands. Yet it still occurs and these facilities face millions of dollars in fines…
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Offsite Data Storage Means Not Having to Apologize for 4.5 Million Records Breached

Go With an Offsite Data Storage Provider For Better Security Hackers can wreak havoc on email users to healthcare providers and everyone in between. Recently, criminals who gained access to the data on 4.5 million patients did so after hacking a hospital group with more than 200 facilities throughout the country. Could offsite data storage…
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How Radiology Will Improve Scalability, Lower Costs and Get More Done

Scalability Through Offsite Vendors Brings Efficiencies Hospitals once focused on volume have for years known how important it is to focus on value instead, especially considering that patient satisfaction surveys, should they dip too low, can result in forfeited reimbursements. There are also penalties for 30-day readmissions, which means value truly has surpassed a focus…
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