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Keeping Hospital Data Secure and Safe

It’s imperative that patient information not be seen by unauthorized eyes. Hospitals have been fined millions of dollars for mismanaging information, either through a lost laptop or a stolen flash drive. There are risks around every corner, which is why healthcare professionals invest a lot of time and money in shoring up those risks. HIPAA…
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What Happened at Cottage Hospital? Radiology Information System Tale with a Happy Ending

A New Hampshire-based critical access hospital called Cottage Hospital was able to save more than $100,000 over three years – all because of the adoption of new interface engine technology. With only 25 beds, Cottage Hospital is like many other critical care facilities throughout the nation in rural communities that has limited resources, both in…
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Hospital Data Loss Affects the Majority of Hospitals

According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, healthcare facilities have struggled to keep patient data secure. Almost 95 percent of healthcare organizations said they have leaked data within the last two years. Most of these leaks are due to staff negligence, but some of the issues are tied up in the technology used to store…
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Best Health Information Exchange: Where do You Fit in?

By now everyone involved with healthcare has heard about or been touched in some way by health information exchange (HIE). By the middle of 2013, about half of all physicians in the U.S. were actively using an electronic health records system. The question is, are they using the best health information exchange available? The best…
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Can You Prevent Data Loss at Your Hospital While Hackers are Hard at Work?

Working With Offsite Vendors to Prevent Data Loss Frequent headlines give us examples of how hackers are always prepared to break through firewalls and work their way around computer systems, gaining access to sensitive information that should have been more securely archived. The resulting data loss is followed by fines and damaged reputations. Cyberattacks are…
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What Can You do Better After a Hospital Data Breach?

Keeping Hospital Data Safe and Available There were 112 million records compromised at hospitals through the U.S. in 2015. Millions of patients’ data got into the wrong hands, and it’s something that providers are looking to prevent from happening in 2016. How can you keep your hospital data safe and yet available to your healthcare…
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Virtual CD and Critical Access Hospitals in Kansas: What’s the Bottom Line?

When you talk about the “bottom line” where the rural, critical access hospitals and the larger, urban and suburban hospitals are concerned, there are vast differences. The bottom line for the critical access hospitals is often much smaller, so much so in fact that every penny is precious. Not only are funds limited, resources such…
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Open the Door to Easy Health Image Sharing: Vendor Neutral Archiving System

As the healthcare industry became increasingly more tied to the digital age, patient information began to disperse into a fragmented situation. This includes medical images. The problem is that somewhere along the line, healthcare organizations became more system-centric than patient-centric. Coming to the rescue is a push toward a vendor neutral archiving system. Through this…
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