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How VNA Powers up IT Healthcare Management at Critical Access Hospitals

For those living in densely populated areas, you might be surprised to learn that there are more than 2,000 rural hospitals serving roughly one-fifth of America’s population living in remote areas. They are called critical access hospitals, and while they might not have the resources of the larger hospitals in urban centers, they provide a…
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A Scary Story About Hospital Data Loss

If you are like anyone else associated with the healthcare industry, you shudder every time you see news about a hospital losing patient files. Hospital data loss is a very real problem that every healthcare facility faces. Are you doing everything you can to prevent these losses? Late last year, hospital data loss was reported…
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Why a Disaster Recovery System in a Rural Hospital Means Life or Death

Not much can stop an EF5 tornado as it winds its way through a community. Ask anyone who was at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin, MO, when a tornado dismantled the facility in 2011. Disasters to medical facilities aren’t always this dramatic or obvious. Sometimes it’s a simple climate control malfunction that can…
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What Changes are Critical Access Hospitals Planning for Rural Hospital Data?

While patients face the same health challenges regardless of whether they live in urban centers or rural areas, the facilities that treat them see different challenges. Every healthcare provider is doing their part in complying with rules and regulations regarding electronic health care record adoption, but if you are in a rural facility, you’ve definitely…
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What Steps Can We Take to Protect Rural Hospital Data?

Despite the encryption technology and password-protected files, millions of healthcare data breaches occur every year. Most hospitals spend large amounts of money to follow security measures put in place by the federal government, which ensures that data isn’t getting into the wrong hands. Yet it still occurs and these facilities face millions of dollars in fines…
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Lessons in Offsite Data Storage: Does it Pay Off for Hospitals?

Hospitals large and small that once relied solely on paper records and film radiology are seeing massive savings and convenience by switching to an outsourced method of storage and retrieval. The savings in resources and material alone often pay for the third-party companies providing offsite data storage that have established HIEs and PACS. Document management…
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Virtual CD and Critical Access Hospitals in Kansas: What’s the Bottom Line?

When you talk about the “bottom line” where the rural, critical access hospitals and the larger, urban and suburban hospitals are concerned, there are vast differences. The bottom line for the critical access hospitals is often much smaller, so much so in fact that every penny is precious. Not only are funds limited, resources such…
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Three Reasons Cloud Based PACS Helps Avert Hospital Data Loss

There is a reason so much talk about the cloud exists today – there is value in the cloud, especially for picture archiving communication systems (PACS). When a medical facility is backed by cloud-based PACS, diagnostic viewing becomes easier and more efficient, and from just about anywhere. With a vendor neutral system, sharing between PACS…
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Hospital Data Advancements Mean Records, Images Arrive Even Before the Crisis Patient

The healthcare needs of rural residents don’t differ from the needs of residents living in highly populated areas. However, access to the kind of specialized care that is sometimes needed isn’t always available to your rural residents. For people who make their living operating heavy farm equipment and machinery, they come into a lot more…
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Open the Door to Easy Health Image Sharing: Vendor Neutral Archiving System

As the healthcare industry became increasingly more tied to the digital age, patient information began to disperse into a fragmented situation. This includes medical images. The problem is that somewhere along the line, healthcare organizations became more system-centric than patient-centric. Coming to the rescue is a push toward a vendor neutral archiving system. Through this…
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