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6 Reasons Teleradiology has Evolved

Advanced Teleradiology Technology Leads to Improvements in Healthcare It seems that with every new year, teleradiology makes a new advancement that helps professionals in healthcare do their jobs a little better. 2017 is no different as trends and technological advancements pave the way for a fresh outlook on teleradiology services. Workflow It’s often said that…
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How Teleradiology Could Impact Professional Football

Teleradiology and its Place in a Customer-Centric Environment It’s officially football season. Games have football fans across the country breaking out their jerseys and clearing their schedules on Sunday for big hits and long drives. For radiologists working in the NFL, those big hits often require their services, including teleradiology services that assist doctors and…
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3 Reasons You Need Teleradiology Solutions

Why Teleradiology is a More Accountable Solution As you have probably experienced, running a diagnostic imaging center is not a simple thing to do, especially since the environment has become so competitive. However, thanks to innovations in technology, there are better ways to tackle this issue, and one of them has to do with teleradiology.…
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How Radiology is Lighting up the Cloud: Backup, Accessibility, Efficiency Boosts Build Confidence

Cloud Backup: Gaining the Power of the Cloud There is no doubt about it – companies are trusting cloud computing platforms more than ever. It’s evident in the number of adoptions that have occurred in the past few years, even in the healthcare industry. One of the reasons for this interest is due to the…
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Teleradiology: How the Patient-Centered Experience Really Fits In

Gaining More Control in Teleradiology Solutions The healthcare industry is taking a more patient-centric turn, and that’s good news. However, in order to fully adopt patient-centric attitudes, a number of things have to change, including the medical image workflow, especially where teleradiology is concerned. When it comes to a quality experience, the process has become…
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Teleradiology: Check Out These Interesting Pros and Cons

Teleradiology and How it is Evolving Is teleradiology struggling or is it increasingly an efficient means for handling exams and offering an easy workflow? The answer differs depending on whom you ask. Some believe the market for teleradiology services is shrinking. Part of the reason, according to some CEOs of image management companies, is that…
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Teleradiology Has Two Camps: Where Does Your Hospital Land?

OffSite Takes the Miscommunication Out of Teleradiology Services Teleradiology has swept the map. Today, many radiologists working in disparate locations only know the patient from their images. For some healthcare providers, this is the trend that they prefer to make permanent. For others, an in-house radiologist or radiology team is a part of their system.…
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Can Teleradiology Solve the Imaging Deficit at Critical Access Hospitals?

Advancements in Teleradiology It’s something professionals working in rural areas know quite well, but was brought into better light in an article published by the Journal of the American College of Radiology – critical access hospitals (CAH) need more access to imaging services. Can teleradiology advancements be the answer? Just over 55 percent of CAHs…
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What Doors Does Mobile Medical Imaging Aim to Open? All of Them

Medical Imaging Advancement in Teleradiology Cloud-based medical image management is no longer a niche industry, thanks in part to teleradiology. Medical imaging specialists in teleradiology are eagerly taking to web-based viewers to send their images out to other teleradiologists. The benefits are many, but most will cite the fact that with a web-based solution, there…
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Will Trump Encourage Teleradiology? Experts Share Theories

Teleradiology in the Cloud is the Future This Presidential election cycle was unlike any other, and the radiology industry can only guess what will happen to shape the industry in the next four years (or shorter, or longer) with a new president. Could the Affordable Care Act be turned on its head? What will happen…
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