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Routing Images With Vendor Neutral Archiving: Considering It?

It’s no secret that the medical imaging industry changes at a rapid pace. As every advancement hits the market, medial specialists are better able to care for their patients. However, when it comes to routing images, many facilities still suffer due to compatibility issue. One of the advancements that have helped control the issues facilities…
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How a Vendor Neutral Archiving System Delivers Control Back to the Hospital

Are You Attached to a Vendor Neutral Archiving System? IT vendors specializing in picture archiving communication systems have for years been in control of how the medical community manages medical, diagnostic images. Thanks to the advent of the vendor neutral archiving system, power is being placed back into the hands of radiologists and other healthcare…
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Vendor Neutral Archiving System Among Most-Noted Hospital Pressures

Ernst and Young released a report recently titled “Pulse of the Industry: Differentiating Differently,” and it reveals some of the top challenges that hospitals face today, not the least of which is related to vendor neutral archiving system protocols. The report focuses on medical technology advancements and how healthcare professionals will deal them with in…
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More than 30 Percent of All Upcoming Imaging Will be Stored on a Vendor Neutral Archiving System

If your healthcare facility isn’t already invested in vendor neutral archiving (VNA), there is a good chance that you will at least be considering it within the next four years. It’s a trend that doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon. According to a study by InMedica, a company that provides market research and consulting…
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