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How VNA Is Improving Patient Care

VNA fills many roles in improving access to healthcare data and medical imaging.

VNA: How It Improves Workflow

With true VNA technology, sharing and storing images gets a significant boost.

Key Advantages of VNA

Greater accessibility to data is only the beginning of the perks offered through deploying VNA.

The New Approach to a Digitized World With VNA

For migration and data problems, consider VNA as your go-to solution, easing workflow issues and big data pain points.

OffSite’s VNA Solutions Lead the Pack

With true VNA technology, you can rely on a customized image viewing solution that will meet your needs.

Focus on the Patient With VNA

VNA to the Rescue – Via Cloud Solutions Is radiology too image-centric and not enough patient-centric? Can one exist without the other? These are questions diagnostic imaging specialists and IT personnel are asking themselves today as they consider improvements in medical imaging. Also finding a place in the conversation is vendor neutral archiving (VNA) technology.…
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Under Pressure: How Hospitals React to Vendor Neutral Archiving and DICOM

Vendor Neutral Archiving Enhances Medical Image Management It seems the challenges facing the healthcare industry are constantly changing. One issue that has been at the top of the list in recent years is partly impacted by technological improvements related to electronic medical records. Another, partially related issue, is in regard to medical imaging, which has…
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Vendor Neutral Archiving Saves Hospitals Serious Money

Most healthcare providers are influenced to move toward vendor neutral archiving (VNA) strategies due to the more efficient process that such a method can provide. However, administrators are also attracted to cost savings. For instance, a hospital located in Philadelphia achieved a cost savings of nearly $3 million in the five years since it adopted…
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Offsite Racing to Improve Vendor Neutral Archiving Services

March is a big month for racecar fans as the Trans Am Road Racing Series gets underway. Since its inception in 1966, the series has thrilled spectators at speedways as American V8 sedans such as the Mustang, Camaro, Cougar, Challenger and Firebird zoom around the track. Fortunately, OffSite Image Management, Inc., will again sponsor a…
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VNA Healthcare: How a Community Hospital Used VNA to Enhance Mammography and Workflow

VNA Healthcare Solutions in the Cloud While technological advancements have improved the way radiologists study images, there continues to be issues in how images are managed. Specifically, archiving, accessing and sharing medical images are at the forefront of most healthcare professional’s list of challenges. VNA healthcare advancements are providing an answer to the questions about…
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