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What You Should Know About Deconstructed PACS

PACS, in the Traditional Sense, Have Changed for the Better What’s your plan for managing your images? If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you want to find more efficient and cost effective ways to manage images, yet you also want to improve your goals revolving around becoming more patient-centric. Is deconstructed PACS the answer? We…
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PACS and VNA to Reach $335 Million by 2018: What’s Fueling Growth?

Let PACS and VNA Combine to Give You Better Outcomes The value that PACS has had throughout the medical community is great. The advent of this technology 20 years ago helped phase out the decades-long process that involved expensive and inefficient film processes. However, PACS today is not enough on its own. PACS and VNA…
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Deconstructed PACS: State of the Art Solutions and More Control

How Deconstructed PACS is Changing the Landscape It seems like yesterday that light boxes, film and rolloscopes were the norm in radiology. However, the future, even back then, was increasingly pointing toward a digital process. Quickly, film took a back seat to new technology. Are we at that point again as the conversation turns to…
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Three Ways Tools Like Vendor Neutral Archiving are Changing Workflows at Hospitals … Large and Small

Vendor Neutral Archiving Leading the Way to Better Image Management The amount of data being generated by the healthcare community is not decreasing. In fact, there is a need to find larger, more reliable spaces to store healthcare data, including medical images, which can be quite massive. Vendor neutral archiving is giving providers a more…
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Deconstructing PACS: Three Ways Breaking Down the Walls Affects Your Operations

Deconstructing PACS With Effective VNA In the healthcare industry today, deconstructing PACS has become a hot topic. However, does everyone have the same definition of what deconstructing PACS means?  Let’s take a look at what some industry experts perceive as a deconstructed PACS and see where the differences lay. We know that as technology evolves,…
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How Vendor Neutral Archiving Changes Workflows

Bring Vendor Neutral Archiving Into Your 2017 Strategy There is no way around it – you’re going to need more storage space for your medical images in 2017 than you did in 2016. It’s a trend that’s been consistent for years, and more and more healthcare providers are looking to vendor neutral archiving to assist…
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Medical Image Market May Reach $6 Billion in Five Years: Where Does VNA Fit In?

VNA and Its Place in the Healthcare Image Management Industry It’s an exciting time to be involved in the medical image market as projections for the industry point to a value of $5.85 billion by 2021. That’s a 6.5 percent growth from this year’s value of $4.22 billion. How does VNA fit into this projection?…
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Deconstructed PACS and the Cloud: Does Your Image Management Strategy Fit In?

Cloud Solutions Improve Image Management A number of issues come up for healthcare providers looking to find more efficiencies in their medical imaging solutions. They have redundant imaging problems that create cost disadvantages and expose patients to various risks. A way to become more efficient is to make the flow of images across the enterprise…
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PACS-Related VNA: How It’s True VNA

Make Sure Your VNA is the Real Deal The traditional departmental PACS is quickly losing its ability to support the amount of medical image data being generated today. Additionally, the traditional PACS is not capable of doing everything healthcare professionals are asking of it today. For instance, one issue with PACS today is related to…
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Find Efficiencies in Cloud PACS

The Benefits of Cloud PACS It wasn’t long ago that when it came to shopping around for a PACS solution, your options were limited to fairly expensive to really expensive solutions – and nothing in between. Fortunately, cloud technology is expanding, giving cloud PACS the ability to offer a new and efficient way of meeting…
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