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Best PACS System: Explaining the Benefits to Patients

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Best PACS System: Explaining the Benefits to Patients

Data Storage 8The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) most hospitals are working with today have outlived their original duties and are being pushed beyond their limits. Fortunately, this medical imaging technology that offers cost-effective storage is getting an overhaul by vendors who truly know what it means to offer storage, viewing and sharing solutions that cater to the client.

The best PACS system allows a healthcare provider the ability to quickly interpret radiology images, whether they’re a CT scan, an MRI or a traditional X-ray. As a healthcare provider you are looking to either continue your excellent quality of care, or improve it, which is exactly what the best PACS system is capable of providing.

Most patients don’t know how their images are stored or shared with other facilities. Most haven’t heard of PACS. What you can tell them is that PACS’ digital images give you the ability to zoom in their medical images and offer you a better view of their problem and more accurately diagnose the issue. You can tell them that the best PACS system will reduce the number of multiple images in a system, which improves efficiency, and ultimately, the rate at which you are able to treat them.

The best PACS system will also give doctors a chronological view of their patients’ history, which makes it easier for them to diagnose difficult cases. Every facility is different, which is what prompts healthcare providers to seek out add-ons to their PACS that make them work for specific cases. These are often integrated to make the system more user friendly for the staff, which also trickles down to better patient care.

When you get connected to the right vendor, your PACS can out-produce what your original expectations for it once was. For instance, if you’re partnered with the right system, you can get easy access to patient images and reports and perform your tests from anywhere then share them electronically with other facilities, even facilities in remote areas.

The best PACS systems have been giving radiologists the ability to collaborate. They are now more openly seeking out each more commonly due to this technological advancement, which, again, means patient are getting better care. Gaining a second opinion has never been easier, and it all has to do with PACS and VNA processes that allow healthcare providers to plow through old roadblocks.

As a healthcare provider you are learning to pick your PACS carefully; you need systems that offer redundancy, archiving and data routing. You need a system with a stronger backbone, which is why you’re looking for more secure solutions.

The PACS solution established by OffSite Image Management, Inc., has been installed in more than 5,000 facilities in nearly 100 countries. The reason so many facilities are latching onto OffSite is because of our full-featured, state-of-the-art iQ-PACS solution, which is highly customizable and includes 24/7 tech support, which means our clients never go unattended. If you’re looking for a more robust way to improve your patient care, contact us today.


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