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Cardiac PACS: A Leap Toward Improved Diagnostics

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Cardiac PACS: A Leap Toward Improved Diagnostics

Technology has given everyone the ability to do just about anything while on the go. As a mobile society, we can book airline travel, research products and make informed decisions about purchasing said products. Why hasn’t this mobile adaptability translated to radiology? That’s a question many in the profession asked, but now there’s technology to support mobile viewing, which is very valuable for anyone working with Cardiac PACS.

How many times has your life been altered by the fact that you were on call and needed to be near a dedicated viewer? How many dinner dates have you postponed or canceled because you didn’t know when you might be pulled to that viewer? Cardiac PACS have given those who need access to exams a better work/life balance, improved workflow and the opportunity for improved patient care.

Integrating Improved Technology

It wasn’t long ago that exams were stored on what is now considered archaic equipment. Often times, exams had to be viewed on proprietary equipment, so if a specific type of file came your way, you might have to journey to the office even to get a look at it. Due to vendor neutral archiving and without the worry of having to view exams on proprietary machinery, cloud-based technology has stepped up to knock out additional challenges.

By partnering with the right vendor, simply logging on to your Cardiac PACS via an Internet connection brings everything in front of you, often without regard to what type of device you’re using. You can view in real-time the images you need to see and make a diagnosis. Furthermore, you can access exams dating as far back as available to make a more informed diagnosis. Armed with this type of access, you can establish more consistency and improve patient care.

Using the Right Modalities

It’s not unusual for patients to have exams that involve varied file types, especially if they’ve had procedures that predate current technologies. Cardiac PACS can allow you to view exams regardless of the modality used.

At OffSite Image Management, we offer everything listed above. Our approach to deconstructing PACS has evolved to include Cardiac PACS. For years, we’ve driven innovation in cloud-based radiology, giving our clients better access to images, more disaster recovery and continuity options, as well as improved security solutions.

The bonus is that not only do you get cutting-edge performance and more transparency (not to mention accountability), you’re saving money in the process. Contact us and learn more about how our Cardiac PACS solution can be the answer to the question about how you can improve your workflow.


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