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OffSite Enters Second Season of Trans Am Racing

What is new for Offsite racing? Click Here or Here to find out. Get Your Hospital Out of Your Monte Carlo and Into the Hot Lead in a Trans Am with VNA Image Sharing from Offsite. Check out the view from inside the car! This Summer, Watch as Offsite Races to the Top VNA Solutions…
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Atchison Hospital in Rural Kansas Says Current Patient Data Archiving System “Reached Its Limits”

Like many rural hospitals, the team at Atchison Hospital, Kansas, knows there’s a lot to lose if problems with existing overburdened patient data systems aren’t solved – such as the loss of reimbursements from Meaningful Use standards, loss of patients or staff to other facilities, and serious impacts on patient care. Instead, they’re moving toward…
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Missouri Rural Hospital Follows National Trend for Quicker Information Sharing and Diagnosis through Vendor-Neutral Solutions and Cloud Based PACS Solutions

(Unionville, Mo – July 9, 2013) It’s a scene administrator’s and patients won’t see much at rural hospitals and clinics anymore: doctors holding large x-ray films up to the light to review them, then packaging them up as-is or by CD format to send to other centers. Instead, many rural healthcare facilities are implementing cloud…
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Kansas Health Image Exchange Announces Open Enrollment; Virtual CD from Offsite Image Solves Problems with Unreadable Patient Images, Delayed Diagnosis

Modern healthcare providers are struggling to manage the exponential growth and increased complexity of digital patient information, often referred to as “Big Data,” across different organizations, applications, and data silos. To answer this problem, Offsite Image Management Inc. uses its vendor neutral archiving (VNA) technology to send and accept data, regardless of which image management…
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Offsite Announces Rural Health Initiative Launch

Apply for the Rural Health Initiative Now (Kansas City, Mo., originally published February 24, 2011) – OffSite Image Management (OIM), based out of Kansas City, is launching the Rural Health Initiative, in which select rural hospitals, across the nation, will receive the technology needed to safely store, transfer, and exchange critical patient information with other…
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OffSite Image Management Delivers Solutions That Improve Diagnostic Image Workflow and Storage Limitations at Greenwood County Hospital

In an effort to stay on pace with diagnostic imaging technology that maximizes patient care, Greenwood County Hospital of Eureka, Kan., recently decided to replace its picture archiving and communication system (PACS). The radiology team turned to Midwestern-based OffSite Image Management and gained immediate workflow advantages, interoperability and data security.  “We essentially put Greenwood County…
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Offsite Image Management Hits Trans Am Road Racing Series with New Car, New Team, New Hopes

Offsite Image Management, Inc will be sponsoring Trans Am Road Racing Series driver Ron Keith who has a new car, new team and new hopes for the 2015 season that starts on March 1. President and Founder Lasha Dalakishvili says that watching a car speed around the Trans Am Racing Series is similar to the…
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Atchison Hospital Slashes Imaging Disaster Recovery Spending by 50%

(Kansas City, MO – originally published November 28, 2011) Atchison Hospital in Atchison, KS, a state-of-the-art, 25-bed hospital with a pioneering clinical automation system has selected Offsite Image Management Inc to provide disaster recovery and off-site archiving services for all radiology images captured at the facility. The hospital’s selection of Offsite will decrease their spending…
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OffSite Helps Missouri Health Clinic Into Digital X-Ray Age

(Kansas City, Mo., originally published November 17, 2011) – Northwest Health Services has acquired digital imaging, sharing and data security capabilities at its new facility in Mound City, MO, making it the first of the company’s clinics in northwest Missouri to feature full PACS and Disaster Recovery solutions, provided through OffSite Image Management, Inc. (OIM).…
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Secretary Sebelius Announces Final Rules To Support ‘Meaningful Use’ of Electronic Health Records

News Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, originally published Tuesday, July 13, 2010 WASHINGTON – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced final rules to help improve Americans’ health, increase safety and reduce health care costs through expanded use of electronic health records (EHR). “For years, health policy leaders on both sides…
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