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Centering on Patients With a Zero Footprint Viewer

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Centering on Patients With a Zero Footprint Viewer

How a Zero Footprint Viewer Can Increase Efficiency

zero footprint viewerIt seems that as every year goes by, remote viewing systems become more advanced. The traditional method of using a software-based viewing system is beginning to take a back seat to browser-based viewing systems, which are referred to as zero footprint viewer systems.

There is a good reason for the shift to a zero footprint viewer-efficiency. Users of the browser-based systems are finding efficiency in the way they access images, in the way they share images, and in what they’re paying for the service.

Healthcare in the U.S. is increasingly becoming more patient centered. Part of the reason more providers are moving toward zero footprint viewer systems that are browser based is directly related to this patient centered focus.

Patients become unsatisfied with their healthcare providers when they lose their image exams, or have trouble sending their exams to a different provider, or experience delays in their diagnosis/treatment, etc. The zero footprint viewer has a place in reducing all the usual rubbing points.

Most IT departments are excited about the fact that when their departments go to a browser-based system, all the updates are provided by the vendor, which means IT spends less time troubleshooting and managing viewer solutions. In fact, your IT might spend zero time managing the browser-based system. This is a time saver as well as a cost saver.

By providing a neutral interface, the remote viewing system is allowed to communicate with a variety of other imaging platforms. The vendor neutral component is highly critical to achieving a more stable, usable system for viewing images of all types, regardless of the type of hardware you’re using.

When you adopt a remote viewing system, you’re also creating a better pathway to electronic medical record management. Patients are often provided a link they can click and go directly to their records. Many patients today are becoming more invested in how they manage their health, and this is a critical component of that.

If you lack the ability to view your images on the go, the browser-based system is perfect for you because by using it, you can jump on your smartphone or tablet computer and pull up the image you need to see. Rather than being held hostage at your vendor-specific viewing station at the hospital or clinic, you’re suddenly free to view your images from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

At OffSite Image Management, Inc., we’ve pioneered a browser-based viewer system that has helped out clients realize cutting edge technology without a high price tag. In fact, we’re confident that our system will save you money while bringing you up to speed with the latest patient-centered demands. Contact us today and let’s talk about how our solutions will benefit you and your patients.


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