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DBT Data Storage: Improving Workflow and Storage Concerns in the Cloud

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DBT Data Storage: Improving Workflow and Storage Concerns in the Cloud

There is always a new “gamechanger” when it comes to technology related to radiology. One of the latest is the digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) device for 3D mammography, which is being widely adopted today. And while this technology is a great addition to radiology departments, DBT data storage capabilities may become a challenge.

DBT screenings involve multiple projections, which really begin to add up as the images are stored. Depending on breast size and the equipment being used, a typical DBT study can involve 200 to 400 images, which equates to anywhere from 450 megabytes to 3 gigabytes. This requires most facilities to acquire additional storage space. Facilities are also being tasked to pay closer attention to which images can be deleted to save space and which ones are required to remain in the database.

And while DBT screenings have reduced the number of callbacks and can identify about 25% more breast cancer, there are workflow issues to consider. Workflow is impacted because of the amount of time it takes to get results. This can be remedied by increasing staffing, but that can also be a burden to already-overworked radiology departments that suffer from a lack of qualified personnel.

Adopting Cloud Tech

Cloud-based vendors are assisting radiology departments with the workflow and DBT data storage conundrum by offering a variety of tools and storage options. Ultrasound, CT, MRI and DBT viewing and processing are often part of the package, as well as other processing functions, such as image comparison measurements.

Top vendors are including advanced processing features, such as reference lines between MILO and CC images, reference lines between MG and US, tomosynthesis cine + MIP creation and mammography CAD support of practically any CAD vendor.

To overcome the workflow issue, top cloud-based radiology solutions offer exam management tools, such as advanced DICOM routing rules, unlimited DICOM connections and pre-caching of prior exams. Third-party integrations are allowed; automatic exam aging is also part of the package and transfer syntax management tools keeps everything running smoothly.

The OffSite Advantage

If you’ve been struggling with DBT data storage issues, consider partnering with OffSite Image Management. Our Mammo Viewing technology is among the best in the U.S. We serve providers that have historically struggled to gain access to services, like critical access, rural and specialty hospitals and clinics. Our solutions are priced to give you the advantage you’ve been looking for, so contact us today and let’s map out a better workflow, storage and viewing plan for you.


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