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Deconstructing PACS: We’ve Been Doing it For Years

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Deconstructing PACS: We’ve Been Doing it For Years

Image Storage 3Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) haven’t always been as convenient to use as they are today. Unfortunately, there are still vendors trying to put all clients into a single, vendor-controlled solution that makes it an ongoing cost issue involving binding service contracts. There are options out there for you that make you a willing participant in a winning solution.

You don’t need a bulky proprietary PACS. The best solution will come to you in the form of systems with new interoperability, customization and affordability. It’s these elements that have a spotlight on a more workable PACS solutions. Healthcare providers and radiology specialists are finally distancing themselves from CD burning methods of archiving and sharing medical images. They’ve found vendor neutral archiving technology with DICOM that meets the diagnostic imaging needs of hospitals and clinics, even those in the rural areas of America.

At OffSite Image Management, Inc., we’ve engineered new ways to more effectively and efficiently archive and share images. Our team has been offering cloud-based PACS vendor neutral archiving solutions that are built around interoperability, flexibility, redundancy and DICOM standards. We have solutions for independent diagnostic workstations that providers are currently using for their mammography and 3D that are saddled with an independent workflow manager module – all through a VNA solution via a cloud-based viewer. It’s with this technology that we are able to liberate our clients from CD burning methods.

For providers that have for some time been frustrated with their current solution and constantly worry about having full access to their data while maintaining HIPAA compliance, OffSite’s solution is able to provide the relief. Our PACS features RIS, PACS, Mammo PACS, 3D and many other applications that operate on a single-database platform. Best of all, arguably, is that our solutions are hardware independent, which means you and your fellow providers can share images for patients that jump from facility to facility. You also get online storage and real-time, multi-level backup capabilities, which will keep you in line with what’s required in HIPAA regulations.

We know our clients are looking for fast and accurate data migration for replacement systems, and that’s exactly what we’ve been able to consistently offer our clients. We give you more autonomy to set up your system the way you want with user-configured display protocols. We also offer Just-in-Time image loading, which will assist you in compressing images for quick viewing.

If you have an existing Medical Information System (RIS/HIS), OffSite’s solution will fully integrate. Our PACS and archiving services will integrate modules like WADO, Modality Worklist and Report Converter. Also, the fundamental component of our solution is the radiological workstation. IQ-View, which is the OffSite DICOM reading station and gives our clients user-friendly tools that allow you to display and process a variety of medical images.

Finally, OffSite’s redundancy protocols are the backbone of the system. For most comprehensive archiving and information distribution solutions on the market today, OffSite has the answer.


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