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Disaster Recovery in Rural Hospitals: Are You Vulnerable?

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Disaster Recovery in Rural Hospitals: Are You Vulnerable?

Overcoming the Challenges of Disaster Recovery in Rural Hospitals

Data lost due to disaster is just as devastating to rural providers as it is to largedisaster recovery in rural hospitals providers. When it comes to disaster recovery in rural hospitals, are you partnered with the right data storage provider?

Rural hospitals are often limited to what they can do with their storage options. However, something has to be in place to ensure the data will be available, regardless of natural disasters that make a direct hit on a facility.

It’s not always a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or fire that becomes the focal point of a disaster, it can also be a technical issue within a data center or a breach of security that leaks out personal information of patients, from their health records to their social security numbers to their bank accounts. Is your rural facility vulnerable to any of these disasters? Overwhelmingly, the answer is “yes”.

Some measures can drastically reduce disasters, such as keeping passwords strong and changed on a frequent basis. Providers must have auditors who look for breaches and shore up the weak points so problems in those areas don’t occur again. Auditors might not always be available in initiatives for disaster recovery in rural hospitals, which means you’ll need to consider another option, perhaps one that is in the cloud.

Cloud-based solutions are increasingly drawing the interest of rural providers because of the issues they have associated to cost. Not only can rural providers often not afford to implement an on-premise solutions, they are often limited in the ability to find and hire IT personnel with the skills to administer such a system. Instead finding a vendor that specializes in disaster recovery in rural hospitals, which includes storing and accessing as part of the service is affordable.

Cloud-based solutions are scalable as well, which means if a rural provider experiences growth and needs more storage, it can be provided easily. Another perk is that instead of being charged a massive upfront fee in a one-size-fits-all solution, providers only have to pay for what they use.

At OffSite Image Management, Inc., we specialize in serving rural providers. We are extremely familiar with the hurdles that rural hospitals face because we have for decades worked in rural areas where the concerns of medical professionals and patients are no less important than those in highly populated areas. Our solutions are cost effective, yet the quality is among the best. Contact us today and see why we’re considered an industry leader in cloud-based storage and disaster recovery solutions.


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