When the exam schedule is well organized, everyone has quick and easy access to imaging and data, patients are satisfied and the staff is happy – these are signs that your radiology workflow is running smoothly. If your radiologists are burned out and your patients are having more than usual repeat exams, all signs point to workflow problems that require attention.

Start by surveying your patients and your staff and ask them where they think improvements need to be made. Maybe you weren’t aware that wait times were long and that you needed to adjust your scheduling, or that a lack of communication among your staff only required a new method of making sure everyone is on the right track.  Once those issues are fixed take a look at some deeper issues that could be affecting your workflow.

Tracking Technology

Radiology workflow can be significantly impacted by technology, especially the lack of it. Outdated imaging tech is also a major drag on workflow because exams take longer. The length of time it takes to read exams can create bottlenecks and patient outcomes aren’t as good as they could be because it takes longer to make a diagnosis.

Does this mean you have to drop a massive amount of money on the latest technology? No. Making several small upgrades can improve your radiology workflow.

Reduce Downtime

Another issue tied to outdated equipment is downtime, which can reduce your ability to serve your patients. A lack of strong disaster recovery planning can also impact your workflow, because when a disaster strikes, man-made or natural, you need to have an option for continuing business as usual. By partnering with a reputable cloud-based vendor, you can upgrade to new systems and get connected with a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that will keep you going when disaster hits.

Partnering With the Right Vendor

Upgrading your radiology technology doesn’t have to break your budget. When you partner with a cloud-based provider of radiology solutions, you can take the SaaS approach to updating the way you offer services and save a lot of money compared to doing everything on your premises.

At OffSite Image Management, we specialize in offering some of the best viewing solutions on the market, but without the premium costs. In fact, our client list features many critical access hospitals that have limited budgets, yet benefit through the use of our technology. From cloud PACS to VNA, mammography solutions to a teleradiology platform that has grown in popularity recently, we’re offering competitively priced services that tackle radiology workflow issues head-on. Contact us and let’s talk about how to approach your situation in a customized manner.