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Got a Unified Worklist? Improve Efficiency Through PACS Solutions

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Got a Unified Worklist? Improve Efficiency Through PACS Solutions

Cloud PACS Offer Flexibility

The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) represents a substantial improvement in radiology, especially where workflow is concerned. However, after more than 20 years on the market, technology changes and upgrades are required. Unfortunately, this can come with challenges.

Integrating data is usually where the challenges begin. In a hospital with many different departments, a variety of different vendors offer their imaging systems. It’s critical that the PACS can be the central repository and that every imaging system will be able to communicate with the PACS.

Healthcare providers want assurances that regardless of where images are coming from, the PACS will be able to integrate with any system being used and that there is a level of seamless integration. Creating a universal viewer platform means the PACS must integrate with RIS, HIS, speech recognition and advanced visualization – all in one workstation.

However, the workflow model must allow for all the necessary applications to come into play, including access to electronic medical records (EMR). The system also has to be decentralized, which allows the PACS to be accessed anywhere through Internet connectivity. This allows for excellent access to healthcare professionals, some of which might want to work from home and still gain access to data, including medical images.

Workflow improvements are extra visible in the emergency room when the PACS is fully integrated. For instance, using tablet computers, hospital staff can get through various patient information forms and consent forms.

Utilizing a global worklist, PACS that have a proper workflow module can gain access to every study from any modality. If a specific radiologist needs to be assigned to a particular case, the right solutions will allow you to simply drag their name into a worklist. Furthermore, when a radiologist completes one task, they have the option to easily access the worklist and pick up another case.

It’s fortunate that many of the top PACS providers today offer the type of functionality needed to improve workflow and work lists. In fact, some might say that the integration with the workflow module is among the most exciting developments for modern PACS. With radiologists reading hundrends of exams every day, it’s important that the workflow not be the thing that keeps them from effectively doing their jobs.

With more than 5,000 installations to our credit, OffSite Image Management, Inc., has brought clients who have used out-of-date PACS into modern technology, but not at a huge cost. In fact, we can guarantee that most clients will save money by coming on board with us. Our turnkey solutions are built to the specific requirements of each client. We offer solutions that will fit your needs now and your needs in the future. Don’t be fooled by other vendors who use polished terminology to sell an old technology – contact us at OffSite today and let’s get started on a more efficient worklist for your organization.

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