Web-based cardiology PACS are making a splash in the market. The frequency of patients seeking radiology services for their cardiology-related needs has increased, giving newfound importance to PACS in cardiology.

Systems such as cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) give cardiologists and support staff the tools they need to perform their daily tasks using one system instead of multiple, disparate systems, and that’s a huge bonus for workflow efficiency.

Mining the Data

Data is increasingly important in making fact-based decisions that can improve your quality of care. Using a single platform, such as cardiac PACS, you are afforded the insights that matter, such as patient demographics, the status and types of all tests you’ve ordered, numbers of tests and patients, the equipment you’re using and how often – just about any metric you want can be tracked.

Compliance is Critical

Meaningful Use measures in cardiology must be carefully followed. Fortunately, some of the best vendors of cardiac PACS include software that makes staying in compliance with Meaningful Use simple.

If part of your mission in following Meaningful Use Stage 2 is to replace equipment, then you’ll benefit from the insights afforded you by utilizing web-based cardiac PACS. This has a lot to do with the added visibility into how you work with your current equipment.

Keep a Checklist

By following a few tips, choosing a cardiac PACS solution can be simple. Keep in mind that as society becomes increasingly mobile, so too are the expectations among the healthcare industry. Make sure your vendor offers viewing solutions that are mobile-friendly. Use a vendor that will allow you to step away from CD burning technology. Seek out a zero-footprint administrative service so your IT professionals aren’t spread too thin. And consider a vendor that can help you get more out of teleradiology advancements.

At OffSite, we make this transition easier with our Cardiac PACS solution, which offers unique reporting features. With our solutions, the machine generates a structural report. Once the examination is completed, the data flows automatically to a reporting system where it finds exactly where it needs to be.

Only a handful of radiology departments offer anything close to our Cardiac PACS. What’s interesting about our approach is that we offer it through cloud computing. The advantage is that cardiologists or radiologists don’t have to rely on onsite infrastructure because we provide it for them. Most of our solutions are based on how many exams or users are involved, but we do offer unlimited users, unlimited exams and unlimited readers – everything is unlimited, so contact us today and let’s talk about the value you’ll get from us.

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