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How Virtual CD Works

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How Virtual CD Works

Cloud Storage 13Healthcare communities across the U.S. and throughout the world are now counting on DICOM exchange to offer a smooth transferal of medical images and data. Today, quality services can be in the cloud and for a lower cost.

Let’s look at the Missouri Health Image Exchange as an example of how DICOM and vendor neutral archiving (VNA) come together to offer the robust and scalable transfer diagnostic radiology information. Any fears of a logjam due to disparate systems can be set-aside because vendor neutral architecture keeps the flow of information going. The Missouri Health Image Exchange is actually been referred to as the most advanced federated image exchange platform available today, and it has DICOM and VNA to thank for that.

What advantages can you gain by taking your health image exchange to the cloud? While it’s important to be able to share your data with specialists and doctors in remote locations, the cloud is also a perfect place to store your medical images. Think of it as a virtual compact disc. You should be familiar with the CD burning technology, as it was all the rage more than a decade ago when radiologists stopped sharing film and started burning everything onto CDs.

The virtual CD is simply taking your medical images and instead of burning to a CD for your patients or for doctors, you upload them to the cloud where anyone who needs access to them can gain that access, quickly and easily. While the process is easy, it’s also exceedingly safe and secure. Companies that offer these services live and die by the security measures they operate by. The best will use Level IV datacenters to store their image. These high-security data centers also provide top-notch disaster recovery services so you’ll have access to your images and data 24/7.

Providers connected through the Missouri Health Image Exchange enjoy decreased cost of healthcare, lower exposure to radiation due to the fact that with Virtual CD, they have fewer misplaced CDs and fewer rescheduled exams, better patient satisfaction and treatment outcome. Your physicians will also be more satisfied when connected to Virtual CD and the exchange.

Members of the exchange will have every bit of data they create through Virtual CD available to them. Because the technology used is browser agnostic, there will be no problem with viewing images on different platforms. This also means you won’t have to embark on any administrative duties on your end.

The VNA technology is an open door to all radiology service providers, which means you won’t be excluded, regardless of your system settings. Clients also enjoy seamless integration to other health information exchange platforms across state lines.

OffSite Image Management, Inc., has created a robust exchange platform that providers are currently using to great advantage. Rural providers are especially thankful to have this available to them as they require the same level of quality as large institutions, but have a fraction of the resources to pay for them. For more information, contact OffSite today.

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