If you’re currently using a traditional local PACS and are considering moving to the cloud, the prospect might come with a measure of trepidation. For most organizations, the move to cloud PACS is the right decision for a number of reasons, including:

Managing Costs

Think about the money you’ve spent on your local PACS, not to mention the time and energy in IT-related personnel staffing. A fully functioning PACS needs to be maintained; servers need to be upgraded as you create more data and store larger image files; you have to upgrade your software from time to time and provide your own disaster recovery solutions. It all adds up to a costly endeavor.

When you partner with a vendor providing cloud PACS services, you leave pretty much all those costs and responsibilities behind. A quality cloud PACS provider will give you the best disaster recovery and business continuity tools, frequent updates and all the maintenance required to keep you thriving – and none of it is your responsibility. You no longer have to absorb capital costs related to expanding servers or renewing expensive software subscriptions.

Gaining Remote Access

Cost is important, but it’s hardly everything. The main reason healthcare providers look into cloud PACS is for the workflow advantages they get. One of these is the ability to go remote and not have to rely solely on office-based viewers.

Most teams are working in various locations, and some might be in the middle of a commute when an image becomes available. When you gain access to a quality cloud PACS product, you can view those images remotely, giving you unrestricted access to the images you need to see or send on a moment’s notice.

Improved Reporting

In the traditional PACS setting, your reports and exams are created on different platforms, which can mean a lot of extra busywork to create your reports. With a quality cloud PACS working for you, you can create reports much more efficiently.

Cloud PACS allows you to standardize your reports, provide full detailed patient histories, access to previous images and all the data anyone needs to get more insight into the patients’ history.

At OffSite Image Management, we make cloud PACS a reality for customers who previously thought going to the cloud would be too much of an undertaking for them. Whether you’re in a rural healthcare facility, critical care hospital or a specialty clinic, we have a cloud PACS solution that will work for you. Our PACS solutions are based on the latest DICOM standards; we offer easy reporting, remote access to data and will not price you out of existence. In fact, many of our clients find that they save substantial amounts of money with us while also improving their workflow. Contact us today and find what changes you can expect when you adopt our cloud-based solutions.

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